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Packaging is often a potential customer's first point of contact with your brand and is ideal for conveying the promises and benefits of your products. To be successful, eatable products must have many qualities to generate sales that will earn them a noticeable place on the shelves – and packaging is one of those attributes that could make yours stand out. Stand out. You could be a game changer by designing the perfect packaging for your product. You will, however, have to put effort and resources into designing and manufacturing it.


What are the other characteristics of ideal packaging, and how do we implement them? When it comes to designing and manufacturing your food and beverage packaging, we consider the following 10 attributes:

  1. The functionality of production and processing: The packaging you choose will affect your ability to produce products quickly and efficiently. Finding the right solution for your production volume to keep the cost of goods competitive and realistic for your people and equipment is important.
  2. Packaging costs: Consider the cost of the actual packaging and inserting your product into it. The capital cost of the equipment needed to package your products will directly impact the cost of goods. Some new durable packaging is more expensive; therefore, it must be considered.
  3. Food safety: Food safety is non-negotiable. So, you must find solutions that deliver safe food that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Additionally, sourcing, warehousing, and delivering food-safe packaging is essential for the market.
  4. Product shelf life: Customers and consumers are looking for products with a fixed shelf life. Several packaging options for your product could extend or control its shelf life. Find the best solution that strikes the right balance between cost, effectiveness, and impact on customers and consumers.
  5. Package design: Check regulations since package sizes are dictated by net quantity or net weight requirements that vary by product. It is also important to balance the shelf appeal and get creative with messaging, rules, and regulations.
  6. Sustainability: Consumers, some retailers, and regulators are driving the shift to more sustainable options like recyclable, reusable, and compostable products.
  7. Telling your story: Consumers make most of their buying decisions at the point of sale. Good packaging is highly effective. i.e., your drink packaging design should tell the story, communicate your brand story, and support your message in other forms of advertising.
  8. Supply chain performance: Food and beverage products typically travel long distances on multiple trucks and sometimes spend time in warehouses before ending up on store shelves. The packaging must protect these products to ensure they arrive at the store in the correct condition for the entire shelf life.
  9. Presentation in the store: Think about how your product will be marketed at the retailer and where it will be placed in the store. Whether it stands upright in a basket or simply laid out on a table can influence your choices. Discuss this with your food branding companies because the presentation of the goods can change, and your customers should know what is to come.
  10. The degree to which the product meets consumer expectations: When people buy a product, they consider its functionality, including ease of use, reseal ability, and size. Since these factors can influence their buying decision, you must consider your brand strategy framework, target market, and what will attract consumers.

Packaging may be the secret to your product's success. When designing a food or drink, it is important to consider the product's packaging. Each category is unique; analyze your options and establish their priority to offer a product whose main characteristics consumers seek are valued. If you are looking for a packaging design agency in London that can help you dramatically increase your sales, look no further than Ventur. Ventur is a London-based branding agency situated on the 5th Floor, Suite 539 The Atrium 1 Harefield Road Uxbridge London UB8 1EX.

Ventur Agency
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