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What distinguishes a service from an MOT? Should I have both?

Vale Tyre
What distinguishes a service from an MOT? Should I have both?

Let's start with the MOT inspection.

Your car will only be visually inspected; the garage is not allowed to take apart or remove specific components. This makes it more challenging for the mechanic to persuade you that your car needs servicing when it doesn't, however, it is still feasible. All vehicles must undergo the MOT Evesham Test since the DVSA, a government agency establishes inspection requirements.

Car Servicing

Furthermore, as this is primarily an inspection, booking the wrong one will result in a duplication of most MOT test inspections. An automobile must go through some kind of service in addition to the annual MOT because it requires replacing some "service items" and removing some crucial safety components.

If a garage follows the manufacturer's instructions, its services will vary from vehicle to vehicle and year to year.

In either situation, you'll have to pay more money to have the repair or replacement suggested by the mechanic carried out.

What happens during a service?

Just like every person's health is different, every automobile needs specialized treatment. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, various types and models require annual repairs in various locations. Therefore, each vehicle will need a unique set of maintenance and inspections.

For this reason, a franchised dealer is typically the best place to take your car for maintenance rather than a neighborhood garage. Franchise technicians are specialists in your car's specific make; they are aware of the specific maintenance requirements and available specialized technical features for every model.

Additionally, a franchise technician can install any manufacturer-issued software upgrades for your automobile, something that your neighborhood garage might neglect or be unable to do.

As a result, we might be able to respond to your inquiry, "Well, what do they perform in a vehicle service?"

Most likely, an interim service will include the following inspections:

  • Exhaust, Wipers, Battery, and Lights

  • Pressure and tread on tires

  • Brakes

  • steering-related shock absorbers

  • Replace with and suspend:

  • Oil and fuel filtration

A full service could also handle the following addition to these:

  • Addition of a drive belt

  • Bearings, alignment, and wheel balance

  • Vehicle filter (diesel engine)

  • Plugs that spark (petrol engine)

  • Purifier of air

Consult your owner's manual or get in touch with your local franchise dealer for a model-specific list.

When does my car need maintenance?

Every brand and type of car requires a different amount of maintenance. Plan to get your car maintained professionally at least once every 12 months or at the manufacturer's suggested mileage; for more information, consult your car's owner's manual. It is always advised to stick to this schedule to keep your car running reasonably priced and to prevent unforeseen issues from becoming a problem.

Nowadays, the majority of cars—but not all—come equipped with an onboard computer that notifies the driver when the vehicle needs servicing again. The garage should also be able to inform you when the subsequent service is due so that you can prepare ahead of time and establish a budget.

How Do I Schedule The Right Service For An MOT?

When booking an MOT, there is no requirement for a "Full" or "Major" service.

You should replace your oil and oil filter, disassemble your brakes, and carefully test them (which improves dependability and fuel economy).

This is important because even if your car's brakes passed the MOT brake test, they might not have another year of useful service in them.

Your car might require more maintenance than this, depending on the schedule, history, and usage over the past year.

Many garages may offer you a "Full" or "Major Service" when you book your MOT, which is 

mostly made up of inspection checks that were previously included with the MOT.

Unfortunately, if you don't have technical knowledge when obtaining any servicing, shops could exaggerate your car's issues.

I can be sure that my car is mechanically OK because it passed its MOT.

If your vehicle has successfully passed an MOT, it has fulfilled the MINIMUM DVSA criteria for road safety and environmental protection. During an MOT test, it is difficult to evaluate the car's technical condition in any way.

An MOT test CAN NOT guarantee the reliability of your vehicle's mechanical components.

Is having your car serviced required by law?

No. There is no legal requirement for you to maintain your car. The same is not true for a car that has not had a service, even though it is not secure if it lacks an MOT Evesham. While you may think that skipping a car service will save you money, you are storing up issues.

Vale Tyre
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