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Getting Motorcar MOT Test? Keep These in Mind. 

Douglas Tyre
Getting Motorcar MOT Test? Keep These in Mind. 

The MOT test is a problem that all motorcar owners have to encounter in the UK. It is an inescapable trial that will choose if a motorcar is perfect to maneuver on streets or not. 


Booking an annual MOT Darlington at a suitable time is a compulsory assignment. It will aid in the improvement of the general safety of a motorcar plus even promotes the most suitable performance on streets.


Beneath you can find the different answers to often asked questions such as what is an MOT test, what it possesses and much more. 


When does a motorcar owner need to obtain an MOT test?

All motorcar owners need to go for the MOT examination after their new automobile becomes 3 years plus age. Furthermore, this is only permitted if the motorcar is brand new plus well under 3 years of age. Also, motorcar owners will get referred to go for the MOT annually after obtaining an initial MOT.


This action is because the new motorcar won't include internal weaknesses within the vehicle for the first few years. Yet, servicing a motorcar during this period is needed plus could preserve automobile owners a bunch of time along with expenses got the initial MOT. Furthermore, there are different types of motorcars that demand a yearly MOT test. These automobiles enclose public service motorcars such as fire trucks, ambulances or taxis. Moreover, you can communicate with the local facility to resolve the motorcar's accurate registration time along with the date. 


MOT Test Examination

The MOT examination possesses a comprehensive test of the motorcar and secures the roadworthiness characteristics of an automobile. It also helps define the overall safety. Not settling the issues with the motorcar and driving it on the street will damage internal elements and add extra to the cost when fixing. An MOT examination can assist in determining several internal issues plus the crew can quote the proper amount to get these problems rectified. Refusing to improve any issue with the automobile declared in the MOT will mark your motorcar as illegal to run on the streets. During an MOT check, the test centre will review all the important sites such as the motorcar's brakes, belts, lights, tyres and other details. Also, the exterior plus inside of a motorcar can be inspected to decide if all electrics are operating well.


Some examples of MOT checks performed during an MOT are:

  • Finding any symptoms of early corrosion plus inside damage.
  • If the vehicle's bonnet latch shuts off well or not?
  • Inspection of the motorcar's registration plate. It needs to be located on the front plus back plus observable from at about 20 metres.
  • Studying all the mirrors of the motorcar to ensure they assist in obtaining a good view of all the directions.
  • Examine the whole fuel system and engine of a motorcar to make certain everything works well and closes perfectly.
  • Entirely test the exhaust process of the vehicle to check for any kind of blue as well as other coloured smoke.
  • Checking all the interior electronic features of the automobile to make certain there are no symptoms of short circuits. 
  • Reviewing the motorcar's speedometer and trying to look out for any signs of deterioration.
  • Checking the motorcar's seat belts to decide if they function well 
  • Testing the car doors to secure the latch works properly as well as shut fully.
  • Checking the automobile brakes to check the general condition plus braking performance.
  • Testing the motorcar's horn to review its optimal functioning.
  • Reviewing the total steering wheel system and determining if it functions well
  • Analysing the air ducts as well as looking for any leaks or indications of oil damage


The facility that you visit down will ultimately define if a motorcar is safe to manoeuvre on routes or not.


The motorcar owner will obtain a new Pass MOT certificate if their automobile passes. On the other side, failing the MOT examination will obtain you a fail certificate and a list of reasons why be provided. Furthermore, motorcar owners can also re-appear for their MOTs after getting all the units in the vehicle running smoothly. No motorcar owners can drive their automobile if it fails the annual test and until they get all the concerns fixed.


What things do I need to carry for an MOT Examination? 

There are a bunch of docs along with items a motorcar owner can carry such as:

  • The motorcar's registration document (V5C)
  • The test booking or appointment receipt
  • The MOT certificate of last year
  • The keys to the motorcar




You can get in contact with an MOT Darlington facility today to find out more about the test. 

Douglas Tyre
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