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Debt consolidation loans made easy with FINTITUDE

Riya Rai
Debt consolidation loans made easy with FINTITUDE

Are your credit card bills weighing you down? Are you in serious financial trouble due to your credit card debts and looking for a debt consolidation solution? If so, you've come to the right place. FINTITUDE is one of India's leading P2P lending platforms, assisting people with all personal finance needs, including personal loans, vacation loans, wedding loans, and debt consolidation.

If you're wondering how a peer-to-peer lending platform like FINTITUDE can help people with debt consolidation, here's a short story to explain how it all works if you borrow through FINTITUDE.


A few months ago, a friend told me he owed more than 3 lakh rupees on his credit card. He had to spend and use a significant portion of his credit card limit due to a family emergency, which he was not financially prepared for but had no choice.


He couldn't pay off his debts all at once, so he began accruing interest charges, which ate up a large portion of his earnings. With an interest rate of 36%, the debt showed no signs of being cleared, despite his monthly salary, which took a toll on his health and caused him to become stressed regularly.


He requested a solution and a faster way to resolve this. I suggested that he apply for a FINTITUDE Debt Consolidation Loan because it was the most appropriate way to settle his debt without risking financial instability. He registered on the platform immediately because he had a good regular salary. FINTITUDE was able to accurately assess his cash flows and other parameters that extended far beyond CIBIL and its limited approach to credit assessment. Within the next 24 hours, his profile was activated, and he quickly raised the required amount.


The funds were transferred to him within 2-3 days, and he easily paid off his credit card debt. He is now repaying the loan in EMIs, allowing him to manage his cash flows better.


FINTITUDE has assisted hundreds of people in eliminating credit cards and other high-interest debts, such as informal debt; many regards it as one of the best debt consolidation methods.

Applying for a loan on FINTITUDE is fairly simple; it takes only two minutes to register and upload your documents, and most applications are approved within 72 hours.


Here are some of the primary benefits of obtaining debt consolidation through FINTITUDE:


Simple registration

Interest rates begin at 12% p.a.

EMI repayment rather than one-time payments

There are no pre-closing costs.

A good debt management or refinancing strategy can also help you improve your CIBIL score, which may have been harmed due to credit card debt.


We've already discussed why borrowing through peer-to-peer lending is far superior to borrowing through any other financial institution. We believe you are much more than your CIBIL score. Applicants are judged fairly and unbiased in peer-to-peer lending, regardless of their source of income (salaried, self-employed, or professional) or economic history, giving them a better chance of approval and receiving a loan.


Assume you want to apply for a debt consolidation loan. In that case, please register via our sign-up page. Assume you want to learn more about your eligibility requirements, required documents, and other specifics. In that case, please see our borrowers' FAQ page.


If you found this post useful, please share it with your friends and let them know how they can use FINTITUDE to get rid of their credit card or other high-interest debts.

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Riya Rai
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