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10 fleet management software benefits

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10 fleet management software benefits

What are the benefits of fleet management software for your company? How can you get more out of a fleet management system? We would like to discuss this in more detail in this blog.


  • What is fleet management?
  • 10 benefits of fleet management software
  • 1.Track and Trace
  • 2. Conclusive private/business mileage registration
  • 3. Save fuel
  • 4. Improving driving behaviour
  • 5. Better (preventive) maintenance
  • 6. Integration with ERP system
  • 7. Read out vehicle sensor and engine management data directly
  • 8. Do more with fewer vehicles
  • 9. Plan better
  • 10. Links with other applications
  • Future-proof fleet management with Inseego software

What is fleet management?

Fleet management, or fleet management, revolves around managing (commercial) vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks and buses, but also equipment such as trailers, cranes and containers. Its aim is to use these resources as efficiently and safely as possible, including proper maintenance.

With the help of a fleet management system you manage your fleet more effectively, more cost-efficiently and more environmentally conscious. This can be achieved by combining:

  • vehicle tracking
  • fuel consumption monitoring
  • driving behavior monitoring and improvement
  • time registration
  • the timely signaling of (preventive) maintenance

So it's not just about knowing exactly where vehicles are, the well-known track and trace, however important that is. Our fleet management software has much more to offer you. We list 10 benefits.

10 fleet management software benefits

1.Track and Trace

The track and trace system transmits the locations of your vehicles via GPS. You will then see this information in your Inseego Fleet account. This way you can see exactly who is where at any time of the day (at home, at the office or on the road), which is extra handy if there is an emergency.

2.Conclusive private/business mileage

registration The details that are important for the correct keeping of the mileage registration are recorded for each trip. In addition, the Inseego trip registration software Fiscaalbox 1.0/2.0 has the Ritregistratiesystemen quality mark . So you can rest assured that it will be accepted by the tax authorities.


fuel Saving fuel is a top priority for many companies. By monitoring the fuel consumption of your fleet using our software, it becomes crystal clear where action needs to be taken and what you want to stimulate. The savings that this yields can amount to 15%.


driving behavior You can also monitor driving behavior with the aim of improving it and thus saving fuel and maintenance costs and increasing safety. Think, among other things, of speed violations and how hard you accelerate or brake.

Employees are also involved in a positive way through the Inseego Driver driving behavior app. In it they can see the positive results of their improved driving behaviour.

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5.Better (preventive) maintenance

By consistently scheduling (preventive) maintenance and having repairs carried out quickly, costs and environmental impact will be reduced. Because well-maintained vehicles perform better in all areas.

Inseego's fleet management software also provides the necessary insight in this respect, allowing you to schedule maintenance work in a timely manner.

6.Integration with ERP system

Inseego software can be integrated with the ERP systems of Delinea, Exact, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Navision, Oracle, PCA Mobile, SAP, Tensing, Triopsys and ViaData, among others. This integration simplifies managing key business processes.

7.Read vehicle sensor and engine management data directly

Thanks to a CAN-bus integration , you can view vehicle sensor and engine management data directly via the Inseego dashboard. This includes fuel consumption, RPM (Rotations Per Minute) and oil pressure.

8.Doing more with fewer vehicles

Reducing the fleet is in some cases a realistic option. Techniques such as driver identification and Plug & Play make it possible for the same number of employees to work with fewer vehicles.

9.Better planning

The better all activities are planned, the fewer kilometers your field service employees travel. Vehicle tracking helps you create better routes and efficiently assign work. This will save you time and money in the long run.

10.Links with other applications

To make your business operations easier, we have made links with other software. As an Inseego customer, you can therefore use:

– a time registration app

Our fleet management package includes the option to link to a time registration app. This allows field staff to enter hours on the spot, while at the same time synchronization with underlying business systems takes place.

Field staff, planners and administrative staff can work more efficiently with the help of this application, react faster and carry out more assignments or tasks.

– the parking app EasyPark

Thanks to a smart link with this parking app, Inseego ensures that when the vehicle starts driving, the parking action is automatically stopped. Another big advantage of EasyPark is that you can set an end time in advance.

With this app you save 10 to 20% on parking costs and the chance of a parking fine is nil. In addition, you get more insight into the parking costs and you no longer have to work with separate receipts. You can also add characteristics to parking actions.

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