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GRPC vs REST: Who Should Bet On Which Technology to Use for Your Application?


Today, APIs play a significant role in the software development process (Application Programming Interfaces). A set of codes known as an API enables two or more pieces of software to communicate with one another. By making the software development process less complex, APIs can streamline and accelerate it. Developers can also use APIs to incorporate features from other programmes into their already-existing solutions. They are spared dealing with the source code and attempting to understand how the other solution operates. Simply put, they connect their programme to another. In other words, APIs serve as an abstraction layer that hides the complexity and specifics of how two systems interact.

REST (Representational State Transfer)

It is a style of software architecture used by programmers to create Web APIs. You can use the REST APIs to develop straightforward and consistent interfaces that make data and digital assets accessible via a web address. In addition to REST, gRPC is another well-liked API design style. In order to improve the speed of data transfer between microservices and other systems, Google developed gRPC as an enhancement of the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) structure. With its lightweight messaging format, gRPC employs the Protobuf (protocol buffer) to get around speed and weight restrictions and offers improved efficiency. The debate between gRPC and REST API has grown in popularity as a result of these 2 paradigms.

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The purpose of this article is to introduce gRPC and REST and its protocols.

What is REST?

To create APIs, the HTTP protocol is used in the REST architectural model. The JSON or XML message formats are used by the REST APIs to transmit the client’s backend data response. Any service that incorporates microservice applications can be made available to the client as a resource thanks to REST APIs. The GET, DELETE, POST, and PUT HTTP commands are among those that the client can use to access it.

These days, most programmers who work on RCP projects also borrow some concepts from HTTP while preserving the RCP architecture. No of the paradigm chosen, most current developers map APIs to the same HTTP protocol (RPC or REST).

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How does REST work?

REST is a term for an architectural style that uses HTTP as the default communication protocol when working with resources that are specified in an API. A resource is a thing that is comparable to an object in object-oriented programming.

A RESTful resource has actions and properties, much like an object. In general, REST implementations tend to give less thought to RESTful actions and instead concentrate more on the attributes of a resource. RESTful implementations are those that just use attributes to describe a RESTful resource.

What is gRPC?

The Google Remote Procedure Call (gRPC) architecture is a development of the RCP architecture. The HTTP 2.0 protocol is used in this technology’s implementation of an RPC API, although neither the API developer nor the server can see HTTP. As a result, a high level of abstraction spares the user from having to worry about translating RPC notions into HTTP.

The gRPC model improves the speed of data transfer between microservices. It chooses a service, specifies techniques, the limits that permit remote calls, and the kinds of returns. Additionally, it uses an Interface Description Language (IDL) to specify the API RPC model, making it easier to determine operations remotely.

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How does gRPC work?

The goal of the gRPC is to provide quick and effective communication between a source and target. It is based on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) architecture, in which a source calls a preset procedure on the target, typically an endpoint, through the use of an RPC call.

A specification file defines both the method and the messages that are sent to it. The specification file in gRPC has the suffix.proto.

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