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How to Build a Location Tracking App with Flutter

Veronica Ross
How to Build a Location Tracking App with Flutter

If you want to design a location-tracking app using Flutter, you'll need to know a few basics. It includes instructions on how to set up a recommendation system and how to integrate maps. This article also covers common mistakes to avoid while developing a location-tracking app with the help of Flutter developers.

Construct a Straightforward Locator using the Global Positioning System

GPS trackers can be used to simultaneously monitor the whereabouts of people, vehicles, or objects. It can provide real-time location data and can also perform geofencing. These technologies have the additional ability to send automatic notifications.

Tracking gadgets based on GPS technology can also be beneficial to businesses. It is essential, for instance, to maintain a record of the locations of all of the vehicles in a fleet that you own. In the event that something is misplaced, you will be able to locate the cars easily thanks to this method. It is also able to provide up-to-date information on the amount of time that your cars have been running, which helps save operational costs.

Construct a Method for Giving Recommendations

A recommendation system is necessary for location-tracking software in order to provide users with content that is pertinent to their locations. The recommendation engine is able to ascertain what the users are interested in viewing. For example, we may show you recommendations for local events, news, local attractions, and more. In addition, this system can also be used to collect information about your preferences.

Integrate a Map

A location tracking application can easily include a map using Flutter. You can use this method to create amazing apps or enhance existing apps. For example, you can show the user a map to warn them that their location is being monitored. You can also display the user's current location by assigning a location object to a location indicator. This allows you to display the user's current location.

Enabling the Google Maps API is the first thing you need to do to integrate your maps with your location-tracking software. You can use JavaScript for the web or the Google Cloud Console to perform this task. The addition of a map widget is the second step. To add a marker to the map, you must specify the LatLng parameter. As soon as there is a change in the coordinates, the map will be updated.

Flutter's map widget allows you to add maps to your location-tracking app without any impact on your app's performance. The map shows not only your current location but also your surroundings and traffic. Plus, you can change it to suit your business aesthetics. Utilizing a widget based on Google Maps is simple and uncomplicated.

Tracking your location is an essential feature of any program designed for real-world use. It is convenient to check the current order status. When it comes to viewing location data, nothing beats a good old map. In addition, the Sync fusion Flutter Maps widget is able to assist you in incorporating a map into your application that tracks locations.


Additionally, you can use the Fire Store to store information about your rides. Thanks to this feature, users can search the selected location and select the car according to their current location. Additionally, you can modify the location picker widget to fit the overall aesthetics of your application. The Flutter Flow widget library also includes a Google Maps widget as an option for display.

Avoid Pitfalls

Flutter is a very powerful framework that helps develop mobile applications. However, it's important to avoid frequent mistakes when using this framework. Even relatively little errors can lead to considerable complications. For example, you should avoid declaring variables at the top level (e.g. runtime types). Instead, make sure your variable names start with an underscore ( _ ). Additionally, in order to preserve the layer, try not to make too many calls. This can lead to junk being produced.


Flutter is a great framework for developing location-tracking apps. Because Flutter allows you to track a broad variety of assets, such as location and activity, it is great to hire a Flutter app developer for your next project, so if you want to get in touch with one, click here.

Veronica Ross
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