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5 Best Anime by TMS Entertainment, Any of Your Favorites?

Jeana Jovanović
5 Best Anime by TMS Entertainment, Any of Your Favorites?

Previously known as Tokyo Movie Shinsa, TMS Entertainment is one of the largest animation studios in Japan that has been established since October 1946.

One of the oldest animation studios, TMS Entertainment also makes animations that are aired in countries other than Japan, such as the United States, Italy, and France.

As one of the best animation studios in Japan, TMS Entertainment has created many popular anime that are very popular in the market.

Of the many anime worked on by TMS Entertainment, here are the 5 best anime by TMS Entertainment that you must watch. Muryō no eiga

1. Fruits Basket (2019)

Once the best romance anime in the 2000s, Fruits Basket has again become the talk of romance anime fans since the series was remade by TMS Entertainment in 2019. Of course, the 2019 version of Fruits Basket comes with more stunning graphics than the previous version.

The anime itself tells the story of Tohru Honda, a homeless person who then lives in the Sohma family home. There, he gets involved in the Sohma family's problems, one of which is the Chinese zodiac curse that all Sohma family members have.

2. Kamisama Kiss

Nanami Momozono is a high school student who became homeless because her father was in huge debt. After saving someone who was attacked by a dog. As a token of gratitude, the person offers Nanami to stay at his house.

Upon arrival, Nanami discovers that the house is a run-down temple. After experiencing a series of unexpected events at the temple, Nanami ends up signing a contract as the Goddess of the Temple. Now, Nanami must work together with Tomoe to fulfill her duties as a deity.

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Arata Kaizaki's life starts to fall apart after he gets kicked out of his first job. However, his life began to change after he met Ryou Yoake, someone who works at the ReLife Research Institute. Ryou gives Arata a pill that allows him to go back in time.

The next day, Arata woke up ten years ago, when he was 17 years old. Arata uses this opportunity to improve his life in the future.

4. Dr. Stone

This anime focuses on Senku Ishigami, a genius who has extensive knowledge of science. One day, the world mysteriously undergoes petrification, where all living things on Earth suddenly turn to stone.

After 3000 years of being turned into stone, Senku was finally revived. Armed with knowledge of science, Senku tries to restore human civilization as quickly as possible, along with his friend, Taiju Ooki.

5. Detective Conan

If you were born in the 90s, you must be familiar with this anime. Detective Conan is a popular classic anime that has started since 1996 until today. The anime itself tells the story of Shinichi Kudou, a genius who is an expert in solving complicated mysteries.

One day, Shinichi follows a suspicious organization. While he was snooping, Shinichi was caught so that he was used as experimental material for the organization. Then, Shinichi suddenly woke up as a child.

To maintain his safety, Shinichi also uses an identity as Conan Edogawa, a very genius little detective. Shinichi also carries out his duties as a detective while finding out about the organization that turned him into a child and finding a way to restore his body.

Those are the five best anime by TMS Entertainment. Which of the five anime above have you watched?

Jeana Jovanović
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