Amadeus Hotel Search API


Amadeus Hotel Search API

When combined with Google’s new search and destinations features, users can find and book rooms at the best prices in minutes.

Hotel metasearch engines offer an excellent opportunity for hoteliers to reach a larger number of customers. This is because many potential guests use these platforms to compare prices before making a reservation.

In the hospitality industry, it means that the hotels' inventory, rates, and availability are pulled from their websites and/or the otas with whom they work and displayed in a single location. Potential guests can easily compare prices, view picture metasearch engines are emerging on online travel agents (otas) and have played a role in the evolution of the travel process. Metasearch engines are gaining popularity among travelers and hotel guests due to their objective placement.

The hotel search api searches over 150,000 hotels worldwide for the best deals. The API provides a list of the cheapest hotels in a given location, complete with detailed information about each hotel and the ability to filter by category, chain, facilities, or budget range.

The value of Amadeus Hotel Search API to hotels

The main advantage of partnering with metasearch engines for hotels and otas is increased online presence and customer reach.

Amadeus hotel booking api provides a solution for carrier, friendliness, railroads, vehicle rentals, travel protection, and visit administrators, and so forth. Incorporating the amadeus GDS framework helps to maintain and distribute data about the carrier, railroad, and hotel, as well as extra assistance from various channels and conveyance. The productive mix can even drive a thorough investigation in the metasearch framework.

The hotel search api returns a listing of available lodgings and rates for a given area and date range. The API returns lodging rates, name, address, room type, list of amenities, and other inn information. The least expensive accessible option for each inn is displayed.

The results can also be refined using channels such as hotel class, hotel network name, offices, or budget. You can search for more than 150,000 hotels worldwide. Get hotel deals by area and date, as well as accessibility, price, upgrades, pictures, portrayals, and more.

The three endpoints of the hotel search api {hotel search, hotel rating, hotel booking} let your clients search hotels by the goal, look at rates and rooms and get the last cost of the remaining.

Build a hotel booking engine with Amadeus Hotel Search APIs

Amadeus hotel search APIS can be combined to develop unique applications, one such solution is a hotel booking engine. A hotel booking engine built with amadeus search APIS can handle all aspects of the hotel booking process, from gathering hotel information to obtaining hotel prices and, finally, making a hotel reservation.

This is made possible by utilizing the amadeus self-service APIS, which include the hotel list APIS, hotel search API, and hotel booking API. These APIS make it quick and simple to get your hotel booking proposal up and running. Users can search and book rooms at over 150,000 hotels worldwide by combining these powerful APIs.

After the release of our hotel list API, building a hotel booking engine has become easier. Users can use a hotel booking engine to find a desirable hotel and book a room in that hotel.

The application must be able to provide a list of hotels based on a specific location search, as well as detailed hotel information and accurate prices for users to book rooms.

Hotel search API work

Hotel search API evolves on travel agents’ existing travel portals based on their needs and gets hotel data from global hotel suppliers to ease the hotel search and booking process to deliver the best customer experience. In global time, hotels have many room types, images, and facilities.

This allows users to view room availability and rates from multiple platforms from a single list. This allows customers to book a hotel room at the best possible price, while also serving as another important online distribution channel for hotels, along with otas and your hotel website.

Our developers offer the best hotel api, which offers real-time hotel rates and accessibility, as well as hotel booking/cancellation reports. Hotel API integrations provide travel agents with all hotel data from global hotel suppliers, such as hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel room pricing, hotel room accessibility, hotel facilities, and other features.

Using these hotel apis, travel agents can obtain direct hotel bookings via an online booking portal. Customers should be able to search for and book hotels based on price, star rating, and reviews.

Amadeus hotel api provides detailed descriptions of over 7,00,000+ properties around the world, including room types, images, and amenities. As one of the most trusted API providers in the world, our team specializes in hotel API integrations and hotel booking website development.

Our seasoned team of professionals integrates, tests, and maintains all of our services. We are well-versed in API integration and travel technology. We have a ready-made solution for major hotel API suppliers.

List of Hotel Metasearch Engines To Boost Your Hotels Direct Bookings

There are several hotel metasearch engines with which your hotel can connect to broaden your reach and increase hotel bookings. Below, you will find seven of the most important and popular examples.


Skyscanner is a metasearch engine and travel agency that allows potential guests to research and book hotel accommodations. Skyscanner is a popular tool in specific for the millennial segment

Google Hotels

Google hotels is widely regarded as the most important metasearch engine. Google hotel search integrates with google maps and gmail to provide travelers with personalized results. Guests can keep track of prices and access deals right from their inboxes. Hotels can start using this monster engine by creating a google my business account if you don’t have one already; this way you will appear in the google maps view.

Kayak Hotels

KAYAK is a booking.Com-owned online travel agency. Kayak is best for finding combined hotel and flight prices. Unfortunately, hotels do not receive a large share of ad placements on this metasearch engine, but partnering with an airline or offering special packages through kayak could be a good way to make the most of this tool.

Trip advisor

Trip advisor is one of the most well-known and popular travel websites. This engine allows you to book direct hotel reservations as well as do comparison shopping. Make sure you set up an account as soon as your hotel opens since having a presence here is essential

Hotels Combined

Hotels combined, a subsidiary of booking holdings, is an Australian metasearch engine. It collects over 2 million deals from various hotel chains and travel websites. This is a useful tool for hotels looking to offer deals.


Trivago is a popular hotel search engine that was consistently one of the major players before google began to dominate the metasearch field. It sorts through hotel rates and availability from various booking sites and displays the aggregated results in one place. Booking sites pay them a fee if a user clicks on a specific deal, which means more revenue for your hotel.

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