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The Winter finale of Season 6 of My Hero Academia

anya helinton

The Winter finale of Season 6 of My Hero Academia teases one of the worst possible conclusions for the series. The first cour of Season 6 followed the fierce battle between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front led by Shigaraki. Still, as the big villain manages to make his escape, the protagonist Deku implies that he will try to redeem him, despite the terrible crimes Shigaraki has committed.

Season 6 of My Hero Academia has been a must-watch anime of the 2022 Fall lineup. It adapts one of the best, most exciting arcs from the manga, the Paranormal Liberation War. Studio Bones cemented its status as one of the best animation studios currently active, delivering a beautiful and faithful adaptation of the manga. The heroes' assault on the Paranormal Liberation Front was thwarted by the destructive powers of Tomura Shigaraki, who re-emerged with all the Quirks of his master, All for One, leveling entire cities and killing thousands of people. Only the intervention of Midoriya and of the pro heroes Endeavor and Best Jeanist managed to stop Shigaraki, but the final reckoning is only postponed.

In episode #13 of My Hero Academia, which concludes the first cour of Season 6, the villain Mr. Compress sacrifices himself to let his companions escape and wake up Shigaraki, who was unconscious after his battle against Deku and Endeavor. The villain awakens but with All for One in control of his body, who summons his Nomu soldiers and successfully escapes from the battlefield. As Deku desperately tries and fails to stop him, the boy thinks of the moment, in the One for All mental landscape, when he saw Shigaraki struggle for control against All for One. According to Izuku, in that moment Shigaraki looked like he wanted to be rescued, meaning that the hero will try to do just that in their next encounter.

Deku Trying To Save Shigaraki Could Ruin My Hero Academia's Finale

Many fans who read the My Hero Academia manga share the fear that, in its finale, the series will stumble into one of the most common clichés of the genre, and make Shigaraki a redeemable villain. While the other big antagonist, All for One, is clearly beyond any possible redemption, the strange bond between Midoriya and Tomura hints that the latter still has a chance. However, Shigaraki has killed countless people and made many close to Deku suffer. While he has certainly been manipulated by All for One to a degree, ultimately Tomura's choices were his own. Despite his tragic backstory, many fans believe that the villain should not get any measure of mercy and simply pay for all his crimes.

As fans wait for the second cour of Season 6 to begin airing in January 2023, the question of Shigaraki's fate is a pressing one. After all the devastation brought by the villains during this battle, the people's faith in the heroes crumbles, plunging Japan into chaos, and it's all Tomura's fault. However, the defining trait of heroes is that they never lose hope, so it's natural that Midoriya will still try to save Shigaraki in the end. Whatever happens in the rest of Season 6, Deku's decision regarding Shigaraki will define the finale of My Hero Academia​​​​​​.

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