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Why One Should Use Plate Carriers

Armour Canadian
Why One Should Use Plate Carriers

In the present world, buying body armor is quite common as people are still determining what situation they might face. Body armor Canada is specifically designed to protect people from different threat levels, like guns, knives, daggers, and minor explosions. The plate carrier vest is one of the most common vests among various body armor.


Body armor comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes that are suitable for people of other professions. Previously only military soldiers used body armor. But presently, police, law enforcement officers, and anyone who needs it can wear body armor.


A plate carrier is a type of armor gear combined with ballistic pallets that protect the user from different gunshots. Apart from the military and police, some fitness regimens also use plate carriers as it helps them reach their maximum workout potential. This post will discuss why it is essential to use plate carriers.


Protection Level


When considering the protection level, no one can deny the significance of the Canadian plate carrier. These carrier vests are far stronger and more sturdy than regular vests.


As these plate carriers are thicker and have panels inserted in the vest, it ensures a robust structure. This equipment also protects the user from heat, bullets, and explosives to an extent. Hence, it is crucial to choose the best one according to the needs.




When one buys a plate carrier, one can notice that these vests are heavier than the regular vests due to their ballistic plate. The plate carriers will be the best choice if someone is looking for something safe and comfortable at a safe time.


With these vests, one will get straps and cummerbunds that always keep the vest in place. Also, it allows the user to adjust the vest properly to the body and have a more secure fit.




One may wonder how the heavy weight of the plate carrier can be an advantage. Well, there’s simple logic. As these vests are heavier, it provides maximum protection.

If someone is looking for a quick movement vest, they should not consider these vests. Instead, they can go for a bulletproof backpack. The weight of the plate carrier will be a hindrance if someone needs to move fast during a mission.


However, the benefit of this vest is the plates used inside can stop bullets from pistols and handguns. It can even stop bullets from certain rifles as well. Hence, one should consider the reasons before purchasing the plate carrier.


These are the three fundamental reasons for using plate carriers. Besides all these, it is also helpful for fitness purposes. These vests help fitness enthusiasts to improve their workouts and get maximum benefits from their workout routines. Also, it allows them to train with maximum resistance while training. 

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Armour Canadian
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