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5 tips to select the right Intellectual Property Lawyer

5 tips to select the right Intellectual Property Lawyer

slogans and business trademarks, are covered. If you are a business that Every business is made up or is planning to come up with a disruptive product, service or idea, then you must claim as well as protect your ownership over it. This is where intellectual property law comes in to help you. It includes elements such as patents, copyrights and trademarks and is highly technical and complex. Which is the reason why businesses and artists globally require a skilled and experienced intellectual property lawyer who can guide them through the process and help them to protect their rights over their assets.



4 things intellectual property lawyers do


Acquiring a patent for an inventor to get them exclusive rights to use their products, new machines and other improvements (to already existing products) or transfer the rights to another company/entity.


Getting the copyrights of artistic works like architecture, movies, music, writings and other creative forms of work.


Registering a trademark in order to shield valuable assets like trade secrets, processes, client lists, formulas, slogans, logos and many other intangible things that represent a company and separates it from competitors.


Seek infringement protection to stop unauthorized use of an intellectual property, which can also include resorting to litigation to stop others from using a patented or trademarked asset without permission.



Choosing the right intellectual property lawyer


Intellectual property law is highly complex and technical. But finding a lawyer that can help you with it is not. Just take care of the five following points while choosing one and you will be in good hands.


1 – Intellectual property law expertise


The first thing to consider before finalising a lawyer is his expertise. The more years of experience he has, the better fit he is for you. As discussed, intellectual property law consists of many complex and technical elements which can be understood well over many years of practice. With practice comes the knowledge that helps a lawyer provide the best service to his clients. Whether a lawyer is referred to you by family or friends or colleagues, always look at his expertise and don’t go by recommendation alone.


2 – Reputation


After expertise and experiences, comes reputation. When you hire an intellectual property lawyer, you are directly putting the future of your company or asset in his hands. Which is why you must ensure that he’s not only good at what he does but also enjoy a high level of credibility. A good reputation is the sign of a positive track record. So talking to his previous clients and reading online reviews is a must. Only a lawyer with a good reputation can protect your brand’s best interest and make you win the case.


3 – Litigation experience


Looking for a lawyer who also handles litigation along with intellectual property law is always beneficial. Often, lawyers only offer consultation on intellectual property law but do not handle litigation. In such a scenario, you will have to hire another lawyer for litigation services, which means paying extra from your pocket. So always look for a lawyer who offers both services.


4 – Make a list


Don’t finalise the first lawyer that you meet! Always keep your options open and meet as many candidates as possible. Ask your family and friends or colleagues for recommendations. Read online reviews and, if possible, meet some of their previous clients. All of this will help you understand a lawyer’s abilities better and you will be able to make a well-informed decision. Since changing the lawyer in the middle of an ongoing case can hamper progress, it is of utmost importance that you choose the right one to represent you. So make a list of lawyers, keep your questions ready, consider your current and future needs and then take the conversation further.


5 – Meet in person


You can’t choose an intellectual property lawyer over emails or phone calls. Before you zero-in on a lawyer to represent you, meet him in person and conduct an interview. It may seem time consuming to you, but trust us, it is worth every second of your time. A personal meeting will give you a clear picture of the lawyer’s ability and instil a feeling of confidence in you. You can test his knowledge of intellectual property law and ask questions that are relevant to your case. His answers will help you understand how good and suitable he is for you. Once you are satisfied and feel comfortable with him, initiate the hiring process and look forward to winning the case.




Choosing the right lawyer is like winning half the battle when it comes to intellectual property-related concerns. Only a well-experienced and reputed lawyer can empower you to stand on the winning side. Make sure to keep the above mentioned tips in mind when you look for one. Because when it comes to intellectual property law, there’s no scope for any mistake. So always choose the lawyer that has the ability to keep your assets safe and well protected.




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