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Law Firms Dubai – What Things You Should Know About Guardianship for Non-Muslim Expats?

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Law Firms Dubai – What Things You Should Know About Guardianship for Non-Muslim Expats?


The UAE, like other lawful systems, does not distinguish between religious conviction and civilisation. It is the responsibility of each individual to confirm that germane and valid documents are available in a condition where an occupant becomes debilitated or dies. In this article, we would like to focus on the consequence of knowing the will and custody procedures.

If you are presently existing in the UAE as an expatriate with your family, it is imperative that you be conscious of the nation’s guardianship regulations. The underlying indication of these instructions is that verdicts affecting kids must be taken in the best welfares of the child.

These rules are generally based on Islamic Sharia principles and they apply to Muslim and non-Muslim families, as well as emigrants and national relatives in the UAE. The Government of Dubai recognised the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry for non-Muslim emigrants in the UAE to let them hand over their Dubai-based possessions and nominate guardians for their kids according to their Will. If you haven't any idea about this, find one of the best law firms in Dubai, or wherever you live, to know everything about guardianship for non-Muslims in the UAE.

Below, I’m going to share some important things about the will and guardianship procedure for non-Muslims in Dubai.

·       Difference between Guardianship and Custody

The several locations given to parents, being the ‘custodian’ or ‘guardian,’ are an exciting part of UAE custody laws.

A child’s guardian offers economic support for the child, makes vital decisions about his/her childhood and education, and accomplishes the child’s affairs in general. On the other hand, the custodian is basically involved with the kid’s daily actions. The custodian is responsible for raising and caring for the kid and also grasps physical custody.

It is communal for one parent to serve in both capacities. The mother has generally assumed custody of the kids before they reach a certain time of life, but the father is still viewed as the guardian. The court, though, has the authority to make choices that are in the best welfares of the child.

The selected guardian can be for a definite period of time or until the kid reaches adulthood. A provisional guardian aspect after the kid in the wake of the guardian’s death, such as providing them with a safe place to live and picking the child from school before an eternal guardian takes over.

A provisional guardian must be a local person. Permanent guardians are usually relatives who are in charge of the kid in the long term. They are referred in all big decisions, such as which school the child will appear in and where he/she will live.

·       Options for Non-Muslim Expats

Though the expenditure of registering a Will or a Temporary Guardianship contract in the UAE may look excessive, this is the safest choice. A bilingualist declaration naming the custodians and temporary guardians must also be involved as a vital addition to the Will. If you don’t record, you must go through the court, hire a local law firm for a legal estimation, and receive the risk that local law may evade your prospects. Ensure that you have a Will in consequence before adding a provisional guardianship document and recording it.

The DIFC Wills Service Centre (DIFC WSC) and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) now offer possibilities for registering a Will. Both choices help non-Muslim parents to employ provisional and permanent custodians for the child. They can also make selections on how their economic assets will be dispersed after they die.

If parents only select to mention responsibility in their Will, the DIFC WSC needs them to file a Guardianship-Only Will, which permits both provisional and permanent guardians to be called but cannot address properties. If the worst occurs to the parents, the chosen guardians will be formally documented to act in the welfares of the children. Additional, if the Will is appropriately drafted, the custodians will be able to travel with the kids if required.


These are some important things that you should know about guardianship for non-Muslim in the UAE. You can find one of the reputable law firms in Dubai, or elsewhere, to know more about guardianship process. 



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