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2023's #1 Ultrasound Physiotherapy Machine in India

Ultracare Pro

UltraCare PRO is 2023's #1 rated innovative ultrasound physiotherapy machine manufacturer and seller to relieve all body pain from home at a low price.Pain after a fall or an injury, a muscle cramp, any chronic joint pain or a minor sprain, we all encounter pain in some form on a daily basis. And what do we do? Either try some temporary relief methods and get rid of it or keep experimenting different treatment methods and end up living popping pills, injecting steroids, moving with a strap or the worst, say yes to the surgery and struggle with the side effects of all for a lifetime. That’s where we, UltraCare PRO come with 100% natural and complete pain-relieving solutions.

The deep ultrasound waves of US 111 portable ultrasound therapy machine is designed to treat all from common pain, sporting injuries, muscle-related discomforts.From minor to chronic issues, US 111 ultrasound physiotherapy machine works its magic on both conditions. Upon placing the round ultrasound head onto the affected area via a transmission coupling gel, the electrical energy is converted into strong vibratory sound waves of ultrasound therapy.

The ultrasound energy thus generated, penetrates into the skin to the soft tissues causing micro vibrations and deep heat among them. This therapeutic effect of US 111, fastens the healing process by increasing the blood circulation, oxygen flow, tissue relaxation & scar tissue breakdown for improving mobility in the ligaments and joints.

How to use?

Step 01

Clean the skin of the area to be treated.

Step 02

Apply the NatureCure Ultrasound Transmission Gel that comes with the kit.

Step 03

Connect the provided adapter to the device and then connect it to the switchboard.

Step 04

Adjust your treatment setting by pressing ‘TIME’, ‘INTENSITY’ AND ‘MODE’ buttons.

Step 05

Move the ultrasound head in a flat, slow and circular motion evenly over the skin surface.

Ultracare Pro
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