How will Virtual Event Technology be Beneficial for us?


Virtual technology emerged as a great saviour for the global economy during the Pandemic times. The world resorted to virtual platforms for essential daily needs to large-scale trade & commerce. It has put the spotlight on the huge expenses & limited area of operation of in-person events. At the same time, it has made us focus on the merits of Virtual platforms like global access, technological support, unlimited data transfer, huge networking benefits and higher Return on Investment (ROI). And that's the reason for its increasing popularity.


The present generation is technology habituated and prefers to have everything at its fingertips. It enjoys doing personal research for almost all of its tasks and Virtual platforms are ideal for this. The coming generations will be obviously a step ahead. And the newly introduced metaverse technology, promises to take things to a whole new level. certain that the use of technology in the event industry will only increase. It is certain that the use of technology in the event industry will only increase. As a virtual/hybrid technology company, ibentos can assure you that the industry will be dominated largely by Virtual events Hybrid events and Metaverse Events. Here’s how you can benefit from the trend!


Target global audiences….

Virtual platforms grant you instant access to global audiences. If you choose the correct marketing and sales strategies, you can impress international customers & extend your market beyond boundaries. This can never be possible with a physical event format because of the budget, travel and time constraints.


Save Money….

Online Events help companies to reduce the total cost of organising the event. The expenditure on the venue, setup, staff, meals, and travel costs, gets omitted totally, and the overall cost gets reduced up to 70%. A variety of events can be hosted at a less cost on virtual platforms, like corporate meetings ( formal/informal), conferences, education fairs, career fairs, health conferences, awards functions, product launches and more. The revenue thus saved, can be utilised in other areas.


Save time….

Online events save time for you, your employees and also your attendees. However, the jobs like setting up a website, registration, and marketing, do require some time, but it is much less compared to physical events. The time saved in arranging the physical venue, and tackling the actual crowd, can be utilized in business analysis and exploring new areas of growth.


Offer ease & comfort to attendees…..

The biggest hindrance linked to physical events is the travel requirement. Organisations lose so much business just because of the fact that all interested attendees may not be willing to take the pain & expenses associated with travelling. Many talented speakers may opt out because of travel requirements. By, hosting events virtually, you offer ease & comfort to your participants. Thus, you can be assured of the participation of the entire lot. You also have a chance to improve event content by including eminent speakers from all across the globe.

Improve your Marketing & Sales Strategies….

Virtual platforms are compatible with Artificial Intelligence technology that provides big leverage to companies in marketing and sales. With the increase in prominence of digital media as an advertising tool, virtual platforms are much more productive for improving sales.

AI-enabled marketing methods are extremely effective in identifying the target customers and approaching them directly for sales.


You have Unlimited Data Sharing Possibilities….

Data building/sharing is one of the basic needs in business promotion activities. Increasing product awareness through product catalogues and specifications, Sharing company information through brochures, building customer databases and more - all of these require large data exchange. Virtual platforms are no less than a boon in this field and Physical means of data sharing, stand nowhere in the competition. Virtual platforms are undoubtedly the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable means of unlimited data sharing.


You have greater Networking Options …..

Companies represent themselves at an online event via virtual booths. This is a dedicated space where they can exhibit their Product range, Specifications, Catalogues, company information and USPs. it is easier for attendees to find them virtually than walking up to their counter at a physical event. Considering the huge number of attendees, virtual platforms promise, just imagine how much scope they hold for networking!


You have control over event performance……

Virtual platforms come with embedded performance measurement tools and analytical applications. You have the flexibility to measure the performance of your event at any point of operation. Therefore, you have a scope of implying corrections in case your event is not performing well.

When on one side, the virtual platforms offer numerous benefits to organisers and attendees, on the other side they have their own disadvantages. Limited attention span, screen fatigue, and lack of natural engrossment are some to be listed in the category. But if designed intricately around attendees’ interests and choices, these disadvantages can be overcome. The designers at ibentos, have mastered that! Our Virtual/Hybrid platforms are packed with a splendid range of performance & engrossment features, balanced perfectly, to provide an experience worth remembering for your attendees Take a look into ibentos feature range!

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