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Importance of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Security

Kevin Asutton
Importance of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Security

What is security for IIoT?

IIoT security enables CISOs, network managers, and OEMs to safeguard and control the network's endpoints for connected devices. This comprises:

IIoT endpoints: As more internet-connected devices are used for data analysis and proactive maintenance, more endpoints are at risk of being attacked.

Remote connections: Due to the popularity of remote work, many IIoT devices are now accessed via unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Legacy hardware: Older hardware is frequently unpatched and introduces "low-hanging fruit" vulnerabilities.

The Importance of Security for Industrial IoT

Security for IoT in the industry is crucial. The risk of company data loss is one of the main factors. Given the increased connections today, losing access to internal systems could significantly impair a company's capacity to conduct business or even threaten its survival.

The same is true for the medical, aerospace, and defense sectors, where increased responsibility is necessary due to patents, trade secrets, and regulated confidentiality. The loss of ownership and use of these priceless intellectual assets could negatively impact a business or expose it to substantial liability risks resulting from a confidentiality breach.

Safety is an essential factor in industrial IoT security. Concerns about public and company safety are present both within and outside of IIoT. For example, a security lapse that permits unauthorized access to devices could result in harm or fatalities. Additionally, a violation allowing the modification of a pharmaceutical formula or an aircraft part performance characteristic might increase the safety risk for many persons outside the organization.

Security Concerns Of The Industrial Internet Of Things

  • Securing IIoT Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Safe Data Transmission
  • Secure Network Ports
  • Secure User Endpoints

Check Point Quantum IoT Protect

Although using Internet of Things (IoT) Security devices in businesses, industries, and healthcare might increase efficiency, it also puts you at risk from the most recent cyber threats. IoT Protect safeguards your business against IoT networks and cyber-attacks, protecting anything from IP cameras to smart elevators to industrial controllers and medical equipment.

Check Point Quantum IoT Protect provides complete security options to safeguard IoT networks and IoT and OT devices. These solutions are designed for industrial, healthcare, smart buildings, and intelligent enterprise offices. For example, let's say you are creating IoT (Internet of Things) devices or integrating them into your company. If so, our solutions can lessen your exposure to IoT cybersecurity threats and stop the next cyberattack.

Kevin Asutton
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