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Benefits of Teeth Whitening That May Surprise You

Dr. Thinh Le
Benefits of Teeth Whitening That May Surprise You

Who doesn’t want a bright and white smile? When you turn on the TV and see all the movie stars with their pearly whites, most likely you wish you could show that smile to the world, am I right?

Luckily, white teeth are now possible thanks to teeth whitening in Sherwood Park. You can also wear a shiny, Hollywood-style smile! And the best part of it? We have a cosmetic dentist near you that will provide you with the best possible care. 

Teeth whitening near you is becoming more demanded each day because aesthetics has become essential nowadays. Did you know that you have a higher chance of being hired for a job if you have a beautiful smile? Studies show that a person with an appealing smile has an advantage over another one who doesn’t. Beautiful and healthy smiles show discipline, self-care, and commitment.

If you want to know more benefits of dental whitening, our cosmetic dentist in Sherwood Park will list them below:

1. Teeth Whitening Improves Your Self-Esteem

Many people with dark teeth have a decrease in their self-esteem. They feel self-conscious about their smiles to the point that they don’t want to smile in pictures or talk freely to others. If you undergo teeth whitening, this issue will go away, and you will show pearly whites to the world. You will laugh with more confidence, and you will feel happier.

2. Teeth Whitening Makes You Look Younger

Yellow teeth are a sign of aging. In time, the enamel wears away, and the underlying dentin, which is naturally yellow, starts to show more and more. It is for this reason that the elderly have darker teeth; hence, if you bleach your dental pieces, you will look younger.

3. Teeth Whitening Improves Your Work Relationships

After making a change in your appearance, most likely, people around you will compliment you. Studies show that people who undergo cosmetic dental procedures have better relationships in their work environment because it gives them something to talk about besides the work stuff. Also, it shows your boss and co-workers that you take care of yourself.

4. Teeth Whitening is an Affordable Option

Many cosmetic dental procedures are expensive, such as porcelain veneers. Sure, they also improve your appearance, but they are not within the budget of most people. On the contrary, teeth whitening is an affordable option for individuals who want to improve their self-confidence and looks, which makes it a popular treatment.

5. Teeth Whitening is Long Lasting

If you brush your teeth twice a day, stay away from colored drinks such as red wine, coffee, and tea, and visit your dentist in Sherwood Park regularly for dental cleanings, your teeth whitening can last up to three years. It has great value for its price!

6. Teeth Whitening is Pain-free

The procedure is simple and doesn’t require any numb medication. Whether you opt for the in-office or at-home system, the results are excellent.

You might experience mild sensitivity, but you can manage it with any off-the-shelf pain medication.

7. Teeth Whitening Motivates You Keep Good Oral Care

After undergoing teeth whitening, you likely get motivated to take better care of your teeth. Since your teeth look beautiful, you feel the need to brush them thoroughly, floss daily, avoid sugary snacks, and be more proactive in your dental checkups for long-lasting results.

If you have any other questions regarding teeth whitening, feel free to contact our dental offices. At Aspire Smiles, we have an excellent team of doctors who look forward to helping you achieve the smile you deserve.

Visit our clinic at 3810 Sherwood Dr #160, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0Z9, Canada

Dr. Thinh Le
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