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Interesting question and topic, makes you look at your life from the outside, think about who you are, where you are, what you do, how useful it is to yourself and society.

In fact, many people are motivated to make more money for themselves and don't think about what happens next. Or they think they will have a rest all the time. So if you have a lot of money, what will you do? Will you lie under palm trees, drinking cool lemonade? And if you get bored?

I know by experience, I can't just chill for long. I always want to do something (with some benefit), and not just lie around. Even once in Turkey in Kemer during a vacation, I could not just lie on a deck chair and lazily swim in the waves. I took a mask and went snorkeling near the rocks, studying the underwater world - fish, crabs, algae. Then I walked around the mountains near town, studying trees, trails, peaks, looking up fish names on the internet, reading articles about the area.

If you take my weekends, definitely doing something besides home and family activities - writing blog posts (reflections by writing so to speak), making websites, planning, reading. Activities are related to both work and leisure.

There is some conventional division of human activity into leisure and work. When we work, we usually care about the final product - and often it is paid (with money or not is another matter).

When we spend our leisure time, what matters to us is the process, the process of obtaining emotions and pleasure.

Why is the division conditional, because the work can bring satisfaction in the process and leisure can be held to obtain a certain product.

It turns out that when there is no need to work, there will be money and other material resources in abundance, then it is necessary to answer the question whether you will continue to do what you do?

I'll be honest - before, some of my activities were only about making money. Yes, I had some fun in the process, but the goal was precisely to provide for life.

Now, studying at the SCM, I began to shift my focus. One of the School's main ideas - "making a difference ethically and with compassion" - "hit me. I even remembered boyish thoughts - I wanted to do something worthwhile and great in the world, but didn't know how (for example, when my pet goat died, I wanted to become a veterinarian and come up with some kind of cure. It's funny now, but back then I was serious about it, started reading books about microbes and bacteria - I learned about Louis Pasteur, microscope, diseases).

At that time I did not know how to change the world for the better, now I do. Even my work in an oil company is already changing the world. We are looking for new technologies in oil production and trying to implement them in the company. If the technologies "prove" themselves well, then theoretically we will end up with cheaper oil. Producers of oil will make other substances and things cheaper for consumers. That is to say, we will actually improve the lives of many people - isn't that a great and worthwhile endeavor!

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