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Top brand identity design companies in India

Top brand identity design companies in India

Your branding approach ultimately has the ability to build or break your company.

Companies typically allocate more than 15% of their annual budget to branding initiatives. This indicates that the majority of businesses are looking for a reputable branding agency to develop and successfully implement their branding strategies.

A strong branding strategy gives you an edge over your competitors and creates a base of devoted customers. It creates an honest and trustworthy brand image in the minds of consumers, making your brand a reliable option!

According to 77% of B2B marketers, a company's future success depends on its ability to build strong brands.

Building a brand strategy is dependent on a number of factors, including advertising, positioning, identity, and customer experience. A strong brand that is simple to draw in and keep clients will be created with the assistance of the right brand agency.

Here is a list of the top 10 brand agencies in India that are worth working with in 2023 if you want to give your Indian company a fresh appearance and feel this year. Let's get going.

Top 10 Branding Agency in India

Numerous brand agencies have changed as time has gone on. Only the greatest, though, made our list. Let's quickly review the key qualities of the top 10 brand agencies in India so you can select the best one for your branding strategy.

Wilson Wings

Strategic design and innovation consulting firm Wilson Wings has its main office in Bengaluru. The 2020-founded consultancy is now based in India. Wilson Wings routinely ranks as one of India's best design firms and has won multiple awards.

Wilson Wings takes great pleasure in offering ideas and choices that are successful in emerging areas. The consulting firm is an innovator, taking on difficult issues with an eye toward both the present and the future. Wilson creates opportunities for their client's businesses to grow by establishing brand identities and brand strategies to generate items, liven up spaces, and deliver novel experiences.


Big Brand Theory- Strategic Branding, Design And Communication |  Award-winning Design Studio In Mumbai, India

The BigBrandTheory is renowned for its daring, innovative, and quick-thinking techniques. Since 2006, they have used their in-depth knowledge to benefit numerous top companies and communities across numerous industries. The consumer is the primary point of concentration, which has led to the development of some of the most influential brand strategies ever.

Designer People

DesignerPeople Success Story - Branding and Design Agency for Startups

Another outstanding creative company is Designer People, which has a large staff of proactive designers and brand consultants who come up with some of the most innovative and unusual concepts for brands. They have years of experience in marketing, packaging, advertising, branding, and other fields. When developing plans, they take into account a number of important factors, such as target market, competitive analysis, etc., which are then customized for your business. Their practical brand designs and strategies are created to provide your firm with a competitive edge and make it successful regardless of the industry with a blend of creativity, innovation, and functionality!


Design Stack

The DesignStack is a branding and graphic design studio with nationwide experience that is supported by two NID designers, Priyanka and Anoop. Their primary specialties include brand identification, strategy, graphic design, and marketing communication. They have assisted some well-known businesses in creating, fostering, and strengthening customer relationships, like SBI YONO and others. They excel at providing their clients with the greatest, most individualized solutions because to their strategic planning and intuitive free thinking.


Lopez Design | Creative Gaga

Another multidisciplinary design agency with a solid reputation for producing remarkable experiences that support long-term business growth is LopezDesign. They have a long-term growth strategy that includes cross-platform cooperation and produces engaging end-to-end consumer experiences.

Since 1997, they have developed distinctive strategies that produce dependable, immersive, and distinctive brand experiences in the marketplace while working with prominent businesses like Genpact, Apollo Tyres, and others.


one zero eight – Puffin Creative

This design firm creates state-of-the-art, dependable solutions that are specifically crafted to offer clients a more creative and sustainable method to remain relevant and make a lasting impression on the market. Your research and design needs are met by their corporate identity programs and brand strategies. They have a wide range of clients, including those in retail, healthcare, education, FMCG, and other industries. Their superior design conveys a compelling message that enhances communication while taking the brand's vision, goal, and fundamental values into account.


Vyas Giannetti Creative Client Reviews | Clutch.co

The team behind some well-known brands, like Aditya Birla Group, Baskin-Robbins, etc., is called Vyas Giannetti Creative. They were established in 1997, and since then, its multidimensional brand strategy and research have helped numerous well-known firms improve their positioning. Their goal is to be successful by building brand equity and perception through tactical responses that are relevant to the target audiences.


Litmus Branding | Top Interactive Agencies

LitmusBranding has over 21 years of experience and a diverse brand portfolio across numerous sectors. Their original and thoughtful designs have a significant influence on brand appeal and retention.

Within the market, they create strong customer perceptions, emotions, and preferences that are conducive to successful brand recognition and a following of devoted customers.


Landor & Fitch - Dexigner

Mumbai, India-based Landor is a multi-award-winning advertising agency. Landor is famous for its strategic brand guidance and design and provides services in the areas of strategy, identity and design, brand architecture, naming and verbal branding, environments and experiences, digital and social media, and more. Since beginning their careers in the sector in 2008, they have collaborated with a wide range of companies and brands, including Mahindra, Taj Group, Brandix, and many multinational corporations with offices in India and Sri Lanka. They have received two Blue Elephants, a Graphis Silver, and a Communication Arts Award of Excellence in recognition of their talents from the Kyoorius Design Awards.

DY Works

DY Works, Mumbai - Service Provider of Brand Rejuvenation and Brand Creation

Mumbai is where the DY Works design studio is located. The business was founded by Sanjeev Malhotra in 1997 under the DMA name, which eventually combined with Yellow design to create DY Works. In 2009, Future Brands acquired a 65% controlling stake in DY Works. When he sold his remaining stake to Santosh Desai, MD and CEO of Future Brands, Sanjeev Malhotra was satisfied with DY Works.

DY Works asserts that it is the leading brand strategy and design company in India today. The organization currently has offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. A long list of prominent clientele of DY Works includes companies like Mahindra, L&T, ITC, Marico, Godrej, PepsiCo, and a great deal more.

What kinds of branding tactics do brand agencies offer?

There are several branding strategies that carefully and deliberately follow each of the elements that go into a successful brand strategy. The logo is no longer the only component of a brand strategy. It combines visual identity, message, and other elements. What people think about your company is crucial to your brand strategy. Your target market associates your brand with certain emotions, experiences, and feelings.


Co-Branding: 13 Tips for Growing Your Brand Through Strategic Partnerships  : Persona Design

Co-branding describes when a brand enters a new market through a relationship with another brand. Your brand partner and you must be compatible in this regard and share a common set of values. When both sides are participating, the brand's values and goals must be the same.

For instance, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Youtube, a popular video-sharing platform, co-branded to effectively promote both businesses among the target demographic. In the end, the campaign was successful!

Product branding

How to begin with Product Branding: 5 essentials of branding a Product

Even though you have put many hours into crafting the perfect product, your branding strategy is the key to generating enormous profits for your company.

Product branding combines design, messaging, strategies, experience, and emotion to give your product a distinctive identity. It draws customers to your business and motivates them to make more purchases.

Effective product branding makes sure that your product stands out from the competition and is easy to recognise. And it all takes place when your products manage to connect emotionally with your customers.

Corporate branding

How to Do Corporate Branding Right

Corporate branding is all about evoking, and sustaining emotions and feelings, primarily trust that improves their perception of themselves in relation to that brand.

When branding is done right, it takes on all the components of marketing communication—words, graphics, images, etc.—in order to instantly trigger customer recognition and create an emotional bond.

Personal branding

Personal Branding 101: How to Build Your Personal Brand While Working 9 to  5 | The Social Media Butterfly

Personal branding is the right way to proceed if you create a brand around your name. Personal branding is all about marketing yourself to the target market. It gives you a chance to show your target consumers who you are, what you stand for, and how you are different from others.

For example, Ratan Tata has a strong globally recognized image. If we pay close attention to his work, we can observe that they have a strong identity as individuals. That’s the ultimate power of personal branding! Being such a humble and successful businessman, the Tata companies have spanned across countries and are still thriving!

Retail branding


Retail branding is essential to stay relevant in today's technologically advanced world as more and more people choose to purchase online for convenience's sake. Consumer experiences are changed by retail branding, which also affects the store's design, atmosphere, music, flooring, lighting, and other elements. Each element that adds to a smooth and upscale atmosphere for your retail store must be taken care of.

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