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Are chair massages worth it?

Knead NYC
Are chair massages worth it?

Having a busy day with work all along and letting you stress out, it can be challenging to sleep. Due to stress, it’s difficult for the knots of your body to respond as you expect them to and thus making it hard to fall asleep. Although having a massage chair can help you out in all these situations, one can purchase a heated massage chair. Also by looking precisely through the article, you can figure out if it’s worth it to own a heated massage chair or if it's just a waste of money in hand.


Enabling comfort: If you are not a person who likes to go out for a massage with fellow human hands but you want to enjoy the health benefits of having a massage you can rely on a massage chair which can be the best investment for your body massage needs. Also, you can save a lot to be spent on appointments with spas or massage therapists for massage.


Saves your time: Having a massage chair of your own at home is also beneficial if you lack time, or you have a busy packed schedule and you still want to be benefited from regular massage service it can easily help you to save your time pretty well, as it might take merely the time of 10 minutes and can make you experience a pleasant massage experience that too at your comfort place and you would not need to hire someone or travel somewhere for it.


Availability throughout the existence: One does not have to worry about timings or situations also, like whether it’s your hectic Jim stress or a busy day of work in the office, or after regular long lectures the chair is always there for you to calm you and make your body relaxed and your mind out of stress whenever you need it.


Health Benefits of massage chair:


Although the health benefits that you get from a massage chair are comparable to the benefits provided by the massage therapist’s wellness and benefits. Also, the benefits provided by a chair are completely dependent on the massage chair’s type and the features offered by it. Like if you go with a 4d L-track massage chair, it will deliver comparatively better and higher quality shiatsu massage and plenty of other benefits as compared to a 2d straight track massage chair.


Following are the various health benefits of the massage chair:


Recovery and relief from back pain, as better targeted back massage to the lower back can help to cure chronic back pain symptoms.


Helps with headaches, and having slow stroke massages can help to relax your face and neck muscles efficiently. It also helps to ease the symptoms of tension and vascular headaches.


Reduce one’s stress and anxiety altogether, Having regular massages can lead to a reduction in overall stress and anxiety as well. It improves your mood which positively affects your physical health as well.


Improves your posture, Getting regular massage along the shoulders and upper back can

naturally allow your spine to grow positively and enhance your body posture.


Steady workout recovery, Massage can help improve the blood circulation in your body and strengthen your loose muscles thus helping in recovery after a workout.


Helps in lowering the blood pressure and heart rate as well, having regular massage effectively helps in lowering one’s blood pressure and heart rate quite well.


Provides better sleep, getting a regular massage reduces your physical and mental stress thus providing ultimate better, easier and deep sleep.


Increases flexibility and mobility as well, Regular allowance to massage is seen to help provide relief to the muscles.


Improvises mood and functioning of your brain, having regular massage shows the ability to have a steady improvement in one’s mood and also improves the brain functioning by providing more calmness to your brain.


Provides you with a stronger immune system, and having regular massage increases your body’s ability to fight infections.



As now by going through the article you would be aware of how chair massage is beneficial and all its health benefits as well. For more information, you can rely on knead NYC.

Knead NYC
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