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Why You Need to Invest in Wooden Clogs for Women

Maguba Clogs
Why You Need to Invest in Wooden Clogs for Women

Although we are living in the era of dad shoes and sneakers, functional fashion is reigning supreme. The latest go-to shoes that have made a comeback are the wooden clogs for women. For years these were just worn by workers and laborers. Now, with the added style and aesthetics, these are worn by every woman you look.


In the 19th century, the clog was the most common form of footwear worn in the countryside at that time, not only because it was inexpensive and functional but also practical at work. The clog is a safety shoe that have been proven effective through centuries. It seemed as though the specific regional style had given the wooden shoe a soul of its own.


Wooden shoes offer a great deal of advantages: protection, and keeping your feet dry, warm and healthy. It is also indispensable for chefs and nurses who have to stand for a long time.


A Brief History of Clogs

Clogs are ubiquitous footwear in work and casual environments alike, from restaurants, and offices to hospitals to health care clinics. The traditional clogs were made solely from wood, while the contemporary clogs incorporate wooden soles with upper materials such as leather, which allows for more versatility and greater comfort. Today's clogs such as the ones available at Maguba are inspired by that original wood-style design, and they are sometimes backless, almost always have a heel and pitched toe box, and are usually stiff-soles.


Throughout the world, clogs are a traditional part of many cultures, including Dutch, Swedish, and also Japanese cultures, and have been worn by them for several reasons, including protection, fashion, and certain types of dances. The popularity of clogs has only increased in recent years, as most consumers have been persuaded that clogs are a foot-healthy option and a practical addition to your collection.


But are clogs really any different from conventional footwear?


Wooden Clogs for Women have a Mixed Reputation

These have a claim to being feminist footwear in the sense of subverting stereotypical notions of what is attractive, with a heavy structure that makes them if not the ultimate ugly shoe. Thanks to their heritage as practical work wear shoes they are now used by women to dress up and down their outfits.


However, many think that these clogs can be difficult to wear- with their heavy wooden soles, the classic clogs are made with alderwood to provide arch support. It can be simple to adopt trend-driven styles that need to be swapped out in mere months when there are seemingly endless options for each season. Consider the long game and opt-in on the shoes you will wear season after season, year after year. Just get a good wooden Clog sandals for Women manufacturer in your repertoire and you will be good to go.


What goes around comes around- even when it comes to fashion, the clogs trend is also back with a bang! But you see why: classic wooden clogs for women are effortless to throw on, durable for long days or hours standing and have a sleek silhouette that works with almost any outfit.


The Benefits Clogs Provide Over Other Footwear

Clogs have been around the corner for many years and today their modern designs like wooden clog sandals and boots ensure that almost everyone can adapt easily to clogs because of their resemblance to modern footwear. Unlike the traditional wooden clogs that people unaccustomed to will find odd to wear in public. So here are some reasons why modern clogs are so popular even if they are slightly heavy and chunkier than their non-clog counterparts:


  1. The Practicality of Clogs: With any footwear, there is a matter of trying to slip into your feet comfortably. While you can do this with any new shoes, however, with time they get slightly compressed by a load of prolonged usage, slipping in your feet and taking them out comfortably. Wooden clog sandals because of their wooden sole, avoid any form of deformation, keeping your clogs good as new. Plus, they are easy to dress up and down, with a back open design- they can be easily slipped into your feet or take them out without any fuss.


  1. The Durability of Clogs: As we mentioned, your regular footwear might deteriorate with usage. While wooden clogs are highly durable, giving them a major advantage over other conventional footwear. Most clogs use treated and waterproofed wooden soles so you can easily wash them if they are dirty, maintaining the new look for a long time. Clogs with their wooden sole and handcrafted design can also take a beating, so if you accidentally step on something hard, the clogs will remain intact and not break. It is definitely true that they are more on the expensive side, but their durability makes them a worthwhile investment.


  1. Added versatility: Wooden clogs for women create a statement when paired with the right outfit. You can put your personal twist on these minimalistic shoes. They are all-in-one, you can wear clogs to a party, or formal gathering, and even dress up casually. Throw them in your vacation bag or wear them for a day of running errands. If there is any particular shoe you should invest in this season, then it's clogs!


  1. Worth the Investment: The contemporary shift towards comfort certainly seems to be an integral factor in the clog's return. For instance, the year 2021 could be described as a year of comfortable glamour in fashion, catered towards our re-emergence from lockdown life. All of the clogs sold by brands like Maguba are made out of genuine leather and feature high-quality construction. If you properly take care of them, they will last you for years to come, unlike the cheap counterparts available at local stores claiming to be leather.


  1. Sustainable: Following slow fashion means respecting the environment. Most brands' manufacturing process lies in an ethical approach and respect for nature and people. They try to transport the material from nearby suppliers, meaning less transport and therefore lower carbon footprint. What's more, only natural materials are used, and sustainable production and distribution processes. Simple and natural materials like wood and leather, to produce comfortable and stylish clogs, boots, and sandals, which are kind to your feet and durable.
  2. Handmade for perfection: The idea behind clog sandals wooden made is to combine the Swedish design with the best traditional clog craftsmanship. If you are looking for a handmade, authentic, and timeless piece of footwear you might struggle to find one, as there are only a few credible brands. Back in the day, clogs were made by skilled craftsmen in workshops. Today most designers work together with their in-house cobblers to create distinctive clogs that are complementary to each individual personality. All their clogs are made in a family-owned factory from scratch, meaning that all the wooden soles and leather uppers by ourselves, using their hands and old-school cobbler machines and tools.


Every pair of wooden clogs has one thing in common. They are designed for support, comfort, and style. These are the shoes that will put a spring in your step no matter how long you are on feet.



Maguba Clogs
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