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How Long Does It Take To Get Residence Visa In Sharjah UAE?

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How Long Does It Take To Get Residence Visa In Sharjah UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has all the makings of the world's most popular travel destination. The differentiation was initially triggered by profitable visa procedures. Investor and Partner visas, Employment visas, Business visas, Golden visas, dependent visas, and tourist visas are the five most frequent types of UAE residence visas. But, international employees and investors alike will need to show relevant work and investment experience in order to qualify for these visas.

UAE recognises three different categories of residence visas: employment, investor, and spouse. The visas are necessary, but there is a lot of red tape involved in getting them. We'll help you save time and effort at medical visa centre in UAE if you visit one. As such, we are always aware of any changes to visa policies or other necessities that must be accounted for in order to keep operations running smoothly.

Types of visas in UAE?

Investor and Partner Visa

Expats who acquire a corporation with shares in an existing entity are eligible for the Investors in UAE and Partner Visa, as the name suggests. Such foreigners may also own shares in expats who want to start their own company in the UAE. The holder of this visa can extend its validity for another three years at any time. The benefactor has all the legal rights to work and live in the UAE. They will also have more clout to advocate for their loved ones' visa sponsorship.

When a foreign national establishes their own firm in the UAE or invests in an existing business, they are granted an investor/partner visa in the UAE. This is a three-year resident visa for the UAE.

Employment Visa

Organizations sponsor employment visas for their staff. A resident visa is required for anyone who wishes to work and live in the UAE. Any UAE government agency, UAE mainland enterprise, or Freezone jurisdiction may sponsor a visa.

Nonetheless, processing the employment visa should be the first step for businesses before recruiting a foreign employee. The visa will then allow them to enter the UAE. They must pass necessary medical exams and provide biometric information for their ID card in order to receive a resident visa and Emirates ID card.

On the other hand, if the employee is already a resident of the nation, the country application can be used to modify the employee's visa status. For the issuing of the visa and Emirati ID card, the requirements for a medical exam and completing the ID card biometrics will not change.

A mainland or LLC company must sponsor the employment visa, which is only valid for two years. However, a visa sponsored by a government or Freezone is often valid for three years. After this time frame, they can be renewed.

Employment visas are issued by firms or organisations to employees who have been hired by them. Every other emirate in the UAE has employment visa regulations that make it mandatory for businesses to issue employee visas to their staff.

Business Visas

For expats and residence, a business visa is a sort of long-term resident visa. Entrepreneurs from any other nation who have demonstrated expertise in a cutting-edge technology or company model are eligible to apply for a business residency visa.

Part of the Golden Visa program is a business visa. This visa category allows non-citizens to enter a country legally and stay for an extended period of time, accompanied by their dependents. Entrepreneurial hopefuls from any country who have worked in a creative or technological industry are welcome to apply for this type of visa.

Golden Visa

Long term residency is also possible with this type of golden visa. It is perfect for people looking to open a company in the UAE. Depending on the eligibility, it may be valid for up to 10 years. Residences who want to establish a business or invest in the UAE can apply for a Golden Visa, which grants them permanent status.

Residence Visa

This is also like golden visa but duration may be lesser than that.

Documents required for visa renewal?

  • ️A valid passport and copy.
  • A copy of your current visa which is available.
  • Visa application form.
  • Any additional documents
  • Income documents for any premium type of visa.
  • Employment documents for employment visa.

How long does it to get visa approved?

The process can take up to 1-2 weeks also because many other things are also have to take place like application form typing, medical tests, documents checking, etc. If you want faster results than you can consider visiting Sahara Visa Medical Centre.

Conclusion:- The whole procedure of visa is explained here and how long does it take for residence or any type of visa to be renewed. If you're looking for a trusted place than visa medical centre in UAE is available.

Sahara Visa Medical Centre
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