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Know The Different Kinds of Batteries Before Buying One

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Know The Different Kinds of Batteries Before Buying One

Solar energy is the best renewable energy out there and is going to play a key role in reducing the use of non-renewable energy usage. Today it is easy to collect solar power using a solar panel and then can be utilized as electricity for different purposes like household or industry.

For the constant supply of electricity, it needs to be stored somewhere. This is where the need for solar batteries arises. There are different types of batteries to the right one according to the necessity is important.

What is a solar battery?

It is simply a battery used to store solar energy generated using the panels. Even though solar batteries are connected to your solar system for it to function, they do not require panels to be useful for your household. Rather than sending surplus electricity back to the grid, the battery stores it for later.

Today many top solar energy companies have made it easy to acquire solar batteries but before that, it is important to know the different types of batteries available.

Different types of batteries

There are different types of solar batteries:-

·      Lead – Acid battery

This is one of the traditional and widely used forms of battery, as they are inexpensive. As they are cheap to manufacture but are heavy because of the materials required to make them. They are also considered inefficient, as they have a limited life cycle and high discharge.

There are two kinds of lead-acid batteries: valve-regulated and flooded batteries.

·      Flow Battery

This uses two types of chemical materials separated by a layer to produce charge. Flow batteries are excellent for long storage and can be easily recharged just by replacing the used electrolyte liquids also needs less maintenance.

·      Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries transfer lithium ions between electrodes for discharge and charge. As these batteries are light in weight and have high charge and discharge ability. This combined with a long life cycle and little to no maintenance has made these batteries very popular in recent times but they are very expensive.

Adding different materials like phosphate, Manganese, cobalt, etc changes the safety and performance of the battery significantly.

In the end, it is very important to know the types of battery your energy system is going to use before a solar panel installation in Ontario. As different batteries have different performances and storage capacities.



New Dawn Energy Solutions
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