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nidi mishra

Dawn wants to incorporate the thread of harmony into societal fabric. Mother was fondly referred to as the community’s creator. The town was built around the principles of Sri Aurobindo’s disciple. The community values harmony and works to promote equality without regard to race or class. With wide arms, people of all ethnicities, castes, and religions are welcomed. The community was founded with the intention of building a society that functions above the satisfaction of worldly pleasures and delight. a setting where individuals’ spiritual identities are valued more highly than their social designations.

It would be spiritual to go to Auroville. According to the administration, stay in the town for a minimum of ten days. People expect it to be more than just a glance. Auroville is a place where you may experience and learn about the vision that they are working to actualize. Long-time locals give tours to visitors, giving them a detailed understanding of the area. The many guests who are interested in the town are housed in their guest accommodations. Check out the best hotels in pondicherry. The expansive Luxury Rooms are a fantastic combination of design and comfort, and they are filled with contemporary amenities and services. While visiting Auroville, one can engage in a variety of activities.

1. Matrimandir

The Matrimandir, or temple of the mother, sits at the center of Auroville. The golden dome, which is noticeable from a distance, is its most distinctive feature. After learning more about the Matrimandir at the visitor center, you can view it from the viewing gardens outside. A visit inside the temple is possible the subsequent day.

2. Cultural Pavilions

There are many different cultural beliefs among the residents of Auroville. The cultural pavilion reflects this diversity. Individuals showcase their cultural heritage here from all over the world.

3. Peace Tables

The concept of peace tables is inspired from Auroville. These tables are scattered throughout the world. It represents the idea that everyone in the world is treated equally and without prejudice. The unification pavilion, which is a sight in and of itself, is close by.

4. Volunteering

Without participating in the many events happening around, the trip wouldn’t be complete. Just interacting with the residents is insufficient. Participate in the process and get a first-hand look at it to take a more practical perspective.

5. Workshops and seminars

Auroville hosts a number of summer workshops and seminars to engage with the outside world and disseminate the message of harmony. The principles of Auroville are disseminated to a larger audience via these seminars and workshops. The lectures aid in understanding the range of activities that locals engage in as well as the style of life in the community.

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6. Forests

There are large areas of woodland in Auroville. Among them is Sadhana Forest. In the region, internship programmes are active. They primarily discuss the area’s afforestation. This procedure involves a number of people who choose what will be grown where.

7. Savitri Bhavan

Savitri Bhawan, a public library close to the Bharat Niwas, is where Sri Aurobindo and his Mother’s writings are kept. Here, public talks and seminars on the two teachers’ teachings are held.

8. Internal Yoga

Sri Aurobindo proposed internal yoga. By doing this, we were able to transcend small-minded prejudices and earthly pleasures in addition to being able to grasp our conscience. During their visit, anyone with an interest in spiritual art should make an effort to learn more about it.

9. Botanical Garden

Here, there are trees of more than 250 distinct species. The botanical garden strives to contribute in some small way to protecting the environment. A centre for environmental education is also present. Your mind will be opened to new possibilities after visiting Auroville. You would have to think about and challenge beliefs that we take for granted. You will at least have food for thinking.

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nidi mishra
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