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How much is the Installation Cost of Solar Panels in the UK?

Bob Smith
How much is the Installation Cost of Solar Panels in the UK?

Installing solar power systems can provide homeowners with a number of advantages, including reduced electric bills, lesser carbon footprints, and possibly increased home value. However, these advantages frequently have high installation and maintenance costs, and the size of the gains or returns might differ greatly from one home to the other.


Over the past few decades, solar panel costs have decreased significantly due to advances in solar panel technology. But the installation cost of solar panels UK completely relies on the kind and size of the whole solar panel system you install.


In fact, the initial implementation or installation cost would be higher but you can expect greater and long-term savings with quality solar panel installation if positioned by trusted and accredited solar panel installers

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Installation Cost

Solar energy benefits the environment while also providing the opportunity to make money by exporting any surplus electricity back to the grid. Over the years, prices have decreased steadily. But how many kilowatts of electricity your array will produce will determine the overall cost.


Although costs have decreased over the years, installing and maintaining solar panels can be a bit expensive. For properties that derive plenty of sun exposure all year long, solar panels work best in such regions of the UK but the cost of solar panels are almost similar. 


The ideal size of a solar panel will greatly depend on the size of the residence and individual energy requirements for electricity consumption. To explain in simple words, the installation costs for solar panel systems increase with system size and vice-versa. 


The power that your system will create and when it will do so are other such variables you must account for in your calculations. Even for skilled solar engineers, making this calculation can be quite difficult.


The amount of solar irradiation that the home's geographic location can provide, or how bright it is where you reside, is among the most crucial factors. Although it is generally advantageous to be nearer to the equator when utilising solar panels, other considerations must be taken into account.


Another such factor to consider is the kind of solar panels you choose. The most efficient panels are mono-crystalline, although they are also the most expensive options. Poly-crystalline can be the best choice for you if you want to settle for cheaper options.


Your home's orientation is also crucial because rooftop arrays work best with south-facing roofs that are free of hindrances or other obstructions to sunlight. If this is not an option, panels can be erected outside the house and mounted on external supports, but this will cost extra because of the additional hardware and wires needed.


Adding to your knowledge, the simplicity of installation is another element that will influence solar panel costs. You have the option of putting the solar panel installation yourself or hiring a professional. The number of panels, the angle at which the panels are installed, and the durability of the roof must all be considered when doing it yourself.


Even though installing the solar panels yourself is feasible, if you want to take advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee and get reimbursed for sending energy back to the grid, you must have a certified professional perform the installation task for you. 


If you want to install spare features together with solar panels, the equipment cost will hike, but the installation expenses can plunge. The best way to reduce the installation cost is to combine any additional features, such as pigeon-proofing your panels, or solar battery storage systems set-up, along with the panel installation.


Solar panel installation method has become easier than before because now in the UK, mounting solar panels on a home's roof is considered approved development, so you often won't require a permit. Even so, as they will be installed on your home's roof, you must nevertheless obtain building rules approval at least.

Does Solar Panel Installation Sound Right?

A renewable energy source that can power your house is the clean and green energy that solar panels provide. Although the initial cost of installing solar panels might seem enormous, future savings with solar panel installation might make it a wise investment. 


Another genuine reason to incorporate solar panels in your house, solar panels can provide you with free electricity and considerably reduce your utility costs. We advise you to consult a solar expert for guidance before making a decision about whether or not to invest in solar panel installation and what sort of solar panels to opt for.


Moreover, the location of your house in the UK, the orientation that your solar panels face, and how much power you use will all affect your payback period's specific length. Based on your scenario, a professional will be able to accurately assess the cost-benefit ratio of solar panels.


When you've understood all of these estimates, you'll probably have a fair understanding of why is it really worth it. It will take some time for a solar system to make up for itself in energy bill savings. You might be thinking of a system that will get quickly to this point if you currently have high utility expenses and live in a sunny area of the country. 


In other words, the majority of homeowners will eventually benefit from a solar energy system; it may simply take decades to see the outcomes. Therefore, whether it is worthwhile to install such a system frequently depends on an array of much less technological aspects: how long you plan to live in your home, the financial incentives offered in your community, and simply whether you want to do your part to protect the environment.


Finally, now you have a better sense of the installation cost for solar panels and whether they are worthwhile for your home. Needless to say, only a professional should install solar panels because it is a complicated process with serious health and financial repercussions if performed incorrectly. But it's simple to receive Quotes and guidance from reliable solar panel experts who perform efficiently and are highly recommended by all just like the installers of Evergreen Power Solar. 

Bob Smith
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