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Charming Hairstyles with Hair Tinsel

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Charming Hairstyles with Hair Tinsel

Hair tinsel was the most common trend in the 1990s and 2000s. People used to wear this sparkling hair whenever they went to any functions, parties, or events. Now they are gaining popularity again when Ketty Perry posted a video of herself in which she wears this fairy hair. Hair tinsel is everywhere seen on social media, i.e., TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and everyone enjoys this trendy hairstyle.

There is no doubt that you can see hair tinsel wherever you go. Hair tinsel is an inexpensive way of getting the excellent and latest hairstyle, especially when you don’t like DIY ideas. It offers limitless combinations to give you a fun, unique, and charming look, while you can go graceful, subtle, loud, and delighted. Furthermore, the hair tinsel is temporary sparkling hair, meaning you cannot stick to just one hairstyle. You can change your style whenever you want. Hair tinsel may last for up to 4 – 8 weeks. If you wear them with the knot method, they will shed within 4 – 8 weeks; as usual, a person loses 50 – 100 hair strands daily. If you wore the hair tinsel with bead method, you must remove them after 4 – 8 weeks.

If you have set up your mind to follow this latest hair trend, then wear the tinsel according to the place where you are going. For example, if you’re going to the office, then wear some strands of hair tinsel in light colors, but if you are going to parties, events, gatherings, or clubs, you can wear more strands of hair tinsel. So, hair tinsel is best to wear at parties and festive events. Following are some examples of different hair with sparkling hair:

Hair Tinsel with Black Hair: A survey shows that almost 85% of the people in the USA have black hair. The black hair combined with bright color tinsels or rainbow colors will give you a more radiant and stylish look. The quantity of hair tinsels is up to you and depends on the place where you are going. You can decrease or increase the amount of tinsel according to your need.

Hair Tinsel with curly brown/black hair: Within the whole world, only 2% of people have curly hair, which means that your hair is unique if you have curly hair. When you choose to wear hair tinsel with curly black and brown hair, you must curl your hair tinsel. Also, wearing the hair tinsel color that matches your outfit can be a perfect choice for you. For example, if you are wearing a red dress, then you should wear red hair tinsel and curl them.

Hair Tinsel with Blond Hair: Almost 2% of people in the USA has blond hair naturally. Many people dye their hair blond. So, if you have blond hair, then hair tinsel is a fantastic choice for you when you are going to parties or festive events. With blond hair, you can wear colored hair tinsel like blue, green, red, and much more to style your hair.

How to wear the hair tinsel?

Wearing the hair tinsel is very easy as it comes with tools and accessories. These tools and accessories are 200 beads, a crochet, and a plier. Follow these simple instructions to apply the hair tinsel with a bead method:

1.      Wash your hair properly and dry them with a towel or a blow dryer

2.      Comb your hair and style them the way you want

3.      Divide your hair into two sections from the place you wish to have sparkling hair

4.      Take 4 or 5 strands of your hair and comb them

5.      Pick up your favorite color of hair tinsel

6.      Take a bead from the bead packet and put it in the crochet

7.      Enter that picked 4 or 5 strands of hair tinsel in a bead but do not remove the bead from the crochet

8.      With the help of a pulling needle which is attached to the crochet, enter the tinsel into the bead

9.      Pull out the crochet in the opposite direction so that the crochet comes out and bead with tinsel remains to your mane

10.  Hold the bead with the plier and move it forward until it reaches your head

11.  Tighten the bead with the help of a plier so that it won’t fall

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