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How automation test strategy can help small business?

Serena Gray
How automation test strategy can help small business?

Businesses are looking for developing high-quality products at a faster pace without compromising on the quality, especially to gain a competitive edge in the market place. One of the viable ways to achieve this goal is to use the platform of automation testing. More number of organizations are embracing the agile and DevOps platforms and hence it also becomes meaningful to adopt test automation platform for enhancing the overall effectiveness of DevOps and agile. In order to get the best use of test automation, the team must strive and plan to devise a well-defined strategy for carrying out test automation activities. A methodical and well-defined automation test strategy can prove to work wonders for small businesses, if it is applied in a pragmatic and analytical manner. In this article, you will get to know as to how an automation test strategy can prove to be helpful for small businesses.   

What is an automated test strategy? 

The workflows are significantly enhanced by the test automation platform, which in turn helps in saving money and time, thereby resulting in high-quality software. When the automation process is tactically applied in the testing activities then the tasks of the QA team are streamlined and the testing effectiveness is improved. According to research, around 63% of QA teams have benefitted tremendously through the test automation platform.  

An automation test strategy is a crucial part of the overall testing strategy. For the purpose of creating and implementing the overall testing strategy, the same techniques are used. The automation test strategy should be in line with performance and system testing as similar data points are used to ascertain what needs to be automated, how it needs to be automated and the specific technology that needs to be used. 


Following are the automation test strategy best practices that should be implemented for helping to scale small businesses: 

1. The objectives and goals should be well-defined: Before the tests are being automated, there should be a clear understanding of the goals and objectives. For example, the organization is looking forward to boost the software quality or is looking forward to accelerate the development process or both. Once the goal has been recognized, a strategy needs to be devised for getting there. Following are a few factors that can be taken into consideration: 

  • The specific reasons for selecting the platform of test automation 
  • The business value of automation 
  • The scope of automation 
  • A detailed process for delivering the automation  
  • The automation percentage needs to be properly anticipated  
  • The specific objective of automation. 


2. The best tool for the project needs to be ascertained: The best suited test automation tool needs to be selected based upon the project scope and requirements. The platforms that are being targeted, languages that are being used and the types of tests that needs to be performed must be taken into consideration. API testing tools can also be used based on specific requirements. 


3. The significance of learning objectives: For example, an organization is transitioning from one tech stack to another tech stack, then it becomes obvious for the QA team to learn and understand as to what are the specific tools that needs to be used for the new tech stack. Project productivity can be enhanced if the QA team members take active participation in learning activities.  


4. A reliable test suite should be developed: If a test suite is built comprehensively then it can provide to be effective for test automation activities. The software’s security, performance, usability and functionality should be covered in this test suite. It proves to be a bit costly and time-consuming to build a comprehensive test suite, but, ultimately it can prove to be effective especially in enhancing the quality of the software.  


Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing automated testing for your specific project, then do get connected with a professionally acclaimed software testing services company that will provide you a tactical testing roadmap in line with your project specific requirements. 

Serena Gray
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