What Sets an ATS Software Apart from a CRM, and Why Do You Need Both?

Amara Cristiano

An ATS tracker and CRM software give you the ability to review job resumes and curriculum vitae, make a record of them for future shortlisting, and maintain a centralised record of all customer feedback, assisting your firm in moving forward smoothly.

What Is ATS software?

An ats tracker uses artificial intelligence (AI) and pre-built algorithms to recognise and segregate significant and pertinent information from these resumes. It scans them and extracts data such as the applicant's name, address, phone number, email address, experience, area of specialty, hard and soft abilities, and much more. The Recruithire ATS programme offers a number of practical features, including

We have learned through the past several COVID-wracked years that hiring new staff will never slow down and that the traditional techniques of doing so—posting job adverts and receiving CVs in the mail—are no longer effective. Nowadays, candidates submit their resumes online in softcopy along with internet adverts. A large number of the Forbes top 500 corporations receive a large number of CVs for a single post. They've added applicant tracking software to help them review these CVs rather than going through each and every one of them by hand.

What Is CRM Software?

The record-keeping industry can benefit from having a centralised solution thanks to CRM software. More and more new businesses are using this technique because it has made spreadsheets seem so unreliable and time-consuming. It can assist in preserving data like as names and phone numbers, previous purchasing and selling actions of the clients, and even unique information pertaining to particular customers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Both?

The primary query right now is: ATS or CRM? A number of variables affect the answer to question. These factors include the kind of business one is operating and the available budget. The applicant tracking system, or ATS, is the recommended software if the business is technical—for example, an engineering consultancy—and has to hire a lot of individuals frequently. It will make the hiring process easier.

ATS and CRM software are both available from RecruitHire, and utilising both is the ideal solution to all of your issues. Simply said, you cannot substitute one for the other. A company with a lot of customers will also need a lot of employees, and a company with a lot of technical personnel will also have a lot of customers consuming its goods and services.

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Amara Cristiano
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