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Learn How To Help Your Cat Settle After House Removals In Bondi!

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Learn How To Help Your Cat Settle After House Removals In Bondi!

Are you moving into a new home? Does your cat appear a bit freaked out with all the chaos of moving to go on? That’s normal. Much like kids, many pets don’t appreciate change. Luckily, according to the best Bondi removals experts, there are a few steps you can take to help your cat calm down.

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How To Help Your Cat Settle Down After House Removals In Bondi

If your cat feels unsettled or anxious, it may try to run away. So, ensure you remain a supportive parent to your little friend throughout the move and follow these steps to keep them calm.

1. Take it slow

If you have pets and kids in your home, try to work in small stages instead of storming through the move. Otherwise, it will make you and your cat anxious. Furthermore, create a comfortable and dedicated space for your cat to rest, eat and play while you complete packing and loading everything.

2. Prepare the new home before the cat arrives

Before the final moving day, visit your new place with your cat if possible. Set up everything your cat needs at the new house before your moving day. You can get some toys, cat food, bedding and other things to make your four-legged friend comfortable instantly.

3. Get a sturdy cat carrier to transport the cat

If your cat is anxious, it’s best to carry them with you instead of leaving them in a crèche or transporting them separately with your Bondi removals. You will need a robust and comfortable carrier based on the pet’s size. The carrier will also keep the pet from running away.

4. Ensure the new place is cat proof

The new place will most likely freak out your cat. Therefore, make sure you have cat-proofed the house in advance and keep the doors and windows locked when you let your pet out of the carrier.

5. Comfort them

To create a calm and comfortable environment for your four-legged friend, bring out their favourite food and toys. It will assure your cat that the new environment is positive. Also, the smell of their toys and bedding will give them a scent of familiarity.

6. Three days in one room

Expose your cat only to its designated area for three days. It will help them settle into the new environment. You can reduce it to two days if your cat is old or if you believe they are comfortable in the new environment.

7. Keep them indoors for two weeks

It takes pets approximately two to four weeks to get used to a new environment. Hence, once you have moved into the new house, try to keep your cat indoors until they get comfortable and feel secure enough to go outside. 

8. Register your cat

Registering and chipping your cat will make it much easier to find them in case they get lost in an unfamiliar area. It will help them stay safe and give you peace of mind.

Wrapping Up

Giving your cat food and water at the same place every day and using artificial pheromone sprays to create familiar scents are some effective ways to prevent them from running away after Bondi removals. It will also help if you hire professional removalists who have experience working with pets before. They can help you make the move seamless for you and the cat.

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