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Facts That You Need to Know About Breast Reconstruction Implant Capsular Contracture

Shane Mathew
Facts That You Need to Know About Breast Reconstruction Implant Capsular Contracture

It is quite a fact that needs to be broken that with a good plastic surgeon, you can never have any risk factors. Complications are not always in the hands of the plastic surgeon. And especially when it comes to botched capsular contracture. This is because no one’s body is the same. The composition with which the connective tissue is formed is different for everyone.

And that is why the process of healing for everyone is different, rather unique. This is also one of the reasons why some people tend to develop thick scars around their penetrated area, and some do not.

And encapsulated contracture after breast reconstruction certainly depends upon that. Fortunately, these days, complications of plastic surgeries are very rare because of the highly developed technology. Still, then if any complications do occur, non surgical capsular contraction treatment is there to help you out.

Another reason patients to less likely to develop complications is that, with better technologies, surgeons are mastering the art of predicting who is likely to develop complications and who all are not. Patients who have certainly weak immune systems are most likely to suffer from complications of encapsulated contracture after breast reconstruction. But first, we need to know what capsular contracture is. So, let us see what that is.

What Should You Know About Capsular Contracture?

When a capsule gets formed just around the implant area, it leads to scar tissue. And that situation is known as capsular contracture. The occurrence of capsular contracture generally takes place as a reaction against the entry of any foreign substance.

When the body detects it, it tries to isolate itself from the object by forming scar tissue around it. Well, sometimes, it is a good scenario because it prevents slippage of the implants, but if seen the other way around, it can lead to aesthetic problems and can even be painful.

Generally, there are four stages of capsular contracture. First, when the capsule seems to be normal, the formation of scar tissue around the implant does occur. Well, although it does not interfere with the shape, structure, or texture of the breasts, later on, it might. But, in the first stage, it is seen to be pretty normal and soft, and natural.

The second stage is the part that shows slight symptoms of hard botched capsular contracture after breast augmentation.

The third stage is the part where the appearance might become a little bit abnormal.

The nipple sensation might seem to be wrong, and even the symmetry may be disturbed. Finally, the last stage is the part where you might have to opt for non surgical capsular contraction treatment. But then, what are the causes of capsular contracture? Do you know? Well, let us see what they are.

What Are the Causes of Capsular Contracture?

The following causes of capsular contracture are here. Keep reading!

Causes 1: Infection due to Bacteria

Cosmetic surgeries related to breast implants certainly must be taken with cure and precautions. If these types of surgeries are done in restless situations, then there are high chances of bacterial infection.

This is because when the chest region gets cut open, it becomes time for the bacteria to enter. But, with proper treatment, issues such as this can be avoided. However, the area remains open; thus, it becomes the breeding ground for bacteria, causing infection.

Causes 2: Seroma and Hematoma

When the chest region is cut open, excess blood can drain out of the breast pockets. And when this extra blood gets collected, it results in a situation known as seroma and hematoma.


Often surgeries are successful, and sometimes, they are not. Therefore, it is up to the surgeon to be careful about it. But, if you face encapsulated contracture after breast augmentation, why not opt for Aspen After Surgery Centre for non surgical capsular contraction treatment?

Botched capsular contracture is serious and needs to be dealt with utmost care and precautions. But, if you are a sufferer, then you should visit Aspen. Their wonderful team of workers will provide you with the best treatments. Don’t wait and visit them now!

Shane Mathew
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