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How Much Will It Cost to Repair a Roof in Plano?

Brady Chorro
How Much Will It Cost to Repair a Roof in Plano?

A property must have regular roof repairs to remain secure and protected from the elements and wildlife. Roof repair costs can range from $150 to $400 for simple repairs and up to $7,000 for significant repairs, depending on the type of repair needed. In America, the average cost of a roof repair is about $950. The size of your roof, labor costs, and the cost of roofing materials all have a role in how much your roof repair in Plano will ultimately cost.

Different Roof Repairs

Minor and substantial roof repairs are often separated into two categories. Select the appropriate category for your repairs before you spend a lot of money on your roof.

1. Simple fixes

The cost of minor repairs ranges from $150 to $1,500. These types of repairs only need simple equipment and supplies; no specialized skills or expertise are needed to complete them. Although many people prefer to perform simple roof repairs themselves, if you have any questions about the repair or are concerned about safety, consult Shamrock roofing in Plano. If it is ignored or carried out improperly, a simple roof repair can quickly turn into a large one.

Typical minor fixes include:

  • washing the gutters
  • repairing minor leaks
  • replacing shingles that are damaged or missing
  • repairing a hole or puncture
  • eliminating standing water
  • flashing (small holes, corroded spots, resealing)

2. Significant Repairs

Major repairs might cost between $1,500 and $7,000 because they need specialized equipment, materials, and labor. They might also need permits and inspections throughout the restoration procedure, depending on where you live. Major repairs are any that need significant electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or engineering work. Included are also any changes to your roof or home’s structure, any repairs for structural failures (both anticipated and actual), and any steps taken to address safety issues.

Typical significant fixes include:

  • faulty electrical wiring
  • significant water damage
  • extensive handling of problems created by the environment (mold, gas, etc.)
  • roof slumping or roof shrinkage
  • repairing chimneys
  • Ffashing (total replacement)

3. Replacement 

If your roof is more than 20 years old and has sustained considerable or persistent damage, a complete roof replacement may be required. A roof can withstand more than 30 years with little to no damage. Contact a reputable roofing firm if you are unsure whether your roof requires replacement or whether it will last after repairs.

What Elements Affect Plano Roof Replacement?

Depending on a variety of variables, the cost of roofing varies substantially. To gain a better understanding of what to anticipate, let’s look more closely at these variables.

1. Roof Size

The largest influence on price is the square footage or surface area of the roof.

A new roof for a 1,500-square-foot home costs $352 to $380 per square foot, including the removal of the old covering of shingles. Using square footage, contractors will take an accurate measurement of your roof. They will then divide that result by 100 to obtain a roofing square.

What to anticipate when replace a roofing in Texas of various sizes is as follows:

  • 5,000 square feet – $18,000 to $19,500
  • 4,500 square feet – $16,200 to $17,550
  • 4,000 square feet – $14,400 to $15,600
  • 3,500 square feet – $12,600 to $13,650
  • 3,000 square feet – $10,800 to $11,700
  • 2,500 square feet – $9,000 to $9,750
  • 2,000 square feet – $7,200 to $7,800
  • 1,900 square feet – $6,840 to $7,410
  • 1,800 square feet – $6,480 to $7,020
  • 1,700 square feet – $6,120 to $6,630
  • 1,600 square feet – $5,760 to $6,240
  • 1,500 square feet – $5,400 to $5,850

2. Pitch

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the size of your roof will vary from the size of your house. It could be plain, level, or sloping. Some homes have a modest roof pitch, while others have a notably steeper one. The pitch elevation has an impact on replacement prices because a steeper roof has a bigger surface area. A flat roof replacement will be less expensive than a low-slope roof replacement since steeper roofs cost more to replace.

3. The state of your current roof

It makes reasonable sense that a roof replacement in good condition will be less expensive than one in poor condition. That’s because there are higher labor expenses involved in roofs with greater disrepair. If the sub-roofing is rotted from water damage, more repairs and labor will be required.

4. Price of Roofing Materials

As we’ve already discussed, the kind of roofing material you select will affect the price of replacing your roof. Clay or concrete tiles work well in hot areas, so we advise using them in Texas. Here are some examples of typical pricing for various materials:

  • Tile Roofing

Installation necessitates the construction of a framed structure above your roof. There are many different kinds of roof tiles available. Although popular, slate tiles could cost more than $630 if the damaged roof is left in place.

  • Steel Roofing

Metal roofs are composed of recycled materials, are extremely durable, and are resistant to the elements. To build a metal roof, you might have to spend $680 to $892 for roof overlays.

  • Asphalt Shingles

Widely accessible, affordably priced, and very durable roofing material are asphalt shingles. A straightforward roof overlay costs between $145 and $238, while removing the old roof costs, on average, between $190 and 240.

  • Timber Shingles

Although pine or cedar wood shingles are more expensive, they frequently last longer and provide far more in the way of durability than asphalt shingles. Without removing the old roof, they can cost between $480 and 630 to install.

5. Labor Charges

A group of roofing contractors in Plano will remove your old, damaged roofing material and install a new roof. Before selecting a service provider, make sure to shop about and compare quotes from other area roofing firms because labor prices will vary from one business to the next. Also, keep in mind that a more complicated roof repair may take longer to complete, which will increase the cost of labor.

6. The Sort of Roof and Other Conditions

You are not required to select the same kind of roof when replacing one. There are numerous different roof varieties to pick from, including mansard, hip, and gable. If you opt for a new roof that is more intricate than a flat one, the roof cost will be higher. Additionally, the price will go up if gutters or a chimney need to be installed.

7. The region in which you live

The cost of replacing a roof in Texas can also depend on where you live. In general, replacing a roof in a rural area is less expensive than building a new roof in an urban area.

8. The current season

The price of the roof may change seasonally as well. Roofers in Plano are typically busiest in the spring and summer because of the nicer weather. As a result, during certain months, you might have to pay more for a new roof. Let’s say you schedule the replacement for the winter when roofing providers are normally less busy. In that situation, you might be able to negotiate a lower cost with a Plano roofing company.

If you are looking for a reliable roofing company in Plano, reach out to Shamrock Roofing and Construction for quality roof repair or a roofing replacement in Plano.

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