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The Role of Content in SEO: How to Create Content That Ranks and Engages!

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If you are running your business online or have an online business presence you would have come across these two terms very often; content and SEO. Providing search engine optimisation services in Dubai, we have done our research on what works when it comes to SEO content. Read our blog to know more. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, meaning optimizing your website, and online pages to rank on the Search engines like Google to get organic views. There are many factors that play behind SEO such as page speed, loading time, etc. but the content you put on your website will help you get the most organic views. But content and SEO are tricky. When done right it can help you a lot but when you create a mess it can cause you trouble and penalities that are hard to recover from.

To begin our blog, let us first know why content is important for SEO. 

Content is any form of medium that gives us information. You can provide content through audio, videos, podcasts, posts, and blogs. Google’s algorithm keeps on changing every day. It is hard to keep up with it. Google promises on delivering useful and valuable content. So, if they don’t see value in your content, your website is unlikely to table higher in their SERPs.  So, with content creation, you need to be equally careful of making content which resonates with Google’s aim for its audience. 

You can focus on these 5 elements while writing SEO content:

  • Make it useful and informative 
  • Provide more value than the content present in the search engine. 
  • Provide credibility, quote your sources 
  • Produce high-quality content. 
  • Make sure your content is engaging for lesser bounce rates. 

With these factors, you get a chance to maximize your optimization efforts and increase the value to your audience. But, creating great content is only a part of the business, much research goes into making content SEO-friendly as we call it. 

Want to know the steps you can follow to create optimized content? 

Read on:

  • Keyword research 

The keyword your audience is searching for is important. You get aware of the search intent of your audience. So, do proper keyword research using different tools to determine what suits your content the best? Long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords and all the LSI keywords should be included in your blog for the best results. While writing the content, avoid keyword stuffing. 


  • Determine your topic 

Make sure the topic you are writing about is relevant and has been searched by your target audience. Try to involve keywords in your blog title to have more chances of visibility. 


  • Develop your outline and ensure there is readability 

Format your content in a way that is readable. With short-span attention from your readers, you need to make sure they are hooked till the end. Smaller chunks are better than big paragraphs to keep them engaged. 


  • Focus on your topic 

It is helpful if you don’t deviate from your topic. Stick to your topic because it was the search intent of your users. Talking about something entirely different than your topic may seem like a clickbait technique to your audience. 


  • Include Backlinks 

Single credibility is important for optimized content, including backlinks for claims and quotes. Google‘s algorithm also appreciates credibility and it will help you rank better, 


Apart from this, there are some tips you can follow to have SEO-optimized content for better rankings


  • Location of the keyword: Keyword placement in your title is important. But, where you place your keyword and how it is important. Place your keyword in the H1 title tag. 


  • Using keywords in the first 150 words: Place your primary keyword at least once in the first 150 words of your content. 


  • Optimize images: Optimize your images with alt tags, file names, descriptions, etc. Don’t forget to add your keyword in their descriptions. 


  • Use keyword synonyms: Putting a keyword, again and again, may lead to keyword stuffing and poor rankings. Use synonyms for your keywords to make sure you are serving your user’s search intent. 


  • Title and meta descriptions: Your title and meta descriptions are the things which show up on your audience’s SERP. Make sure your title and meta descriptions pique curiosity and makes your reader want to know more. 

These are just some of the tips you can use to generate content that ranks and make it SEO optimized. It is beneficial to use these factors for your rankings. You also need to concentrate on competitor analysis, keyword research, and analyzing the search intent of the user. SEO has many strategies and also involves off-page and on-page SEO. You can get the best SEO agencies in Dubai like Mark8er to help you with your rankings. 

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