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How important is live streaming for digital marketing? - iConnectFX

How important is live streaming for digital marketing? - iConnectFX

Thanks to live streaming, retailers and marketers increasingly interact with online audiences in numerous ways. In the past, e-commerce shops relied on static visuals and dull textual descriptions to attract potential buyers. Pre-recorded video content followed, and it is still effective on many social media platforms. But technology is constantly changing. Indeed, video content is now essential to many businesses’ digital marketing strategies. However, live streaming for digital marketing can be your key to success this year.

What is live stream marketing?

The practice of live broadcasting to an audience via social media platforms is referred to as live stream marketing. It is the process of promoting and marketing a business’s goods or services through video content that people can produce, share, and view in real-time.

A popular and adaptable tool, live stream video gives your viewers a way to engage with you directly and get a better understanding of your company.

Today, there are numerous live streaming methods that you can use and tailor to your brand. In order to more effectively target various audiences, each platform offers somewhat different features and opportunities.

For instance, online gamers have long engaged large audiences thanks to video game broadcasting platforms like Twitch. But over the past few years, this form of conversational commerce technology has greatly evolved, giving retail organizations an increasing number of possibilities. Brands may now use live streaming for advertising their products in a “one-to-many” way using the same strategies as influencers.

By leaving comments that show up next to the live feed, viewers can communicate in real-time. Businesses can record and stream live event streams online using live stream marketing tools and software. It appeals to a far wider audience since it is affordable, interesting, and real.

It is currently a typical technology that gives internet shoppers a virtual buying experience.

Despite this, influencers and creators of video content continue to use this type of streaming the most frequently to communicate with their fans.

Importance of live streaming for digital marketing

Here are some of the importance of using live video marketing for your business:

 1. Another way to connect with your audience

According to a recent report from ABI Research, 91 million users will use live streaming by 2024, representing a sizable market size that might be attained. Customers can now access online material whenever and wherever they are because of the spread of the internet and other technological developments. You can invite as many people as you like to your online event and have them participate if you use live streaming. Thanks to live-streaming, your target, and potential audiences can now access your material more easily.

2. Establish a closer relationship with customers

According to a HubSpot study, 82 percent of viewers today choose to watch live video over regular social media postings, proving that video content is more appealing to customers. Businesses now can choose more pertinent and relatable stories and present them through videos, especially for live broadcast marketing. Live streaming makes the most of your brand’s narrative and strengthens your relationship with your audience.

3. Collect valuable feedback

According to a study by Vimeo and New York Magazine, news coverage receives the majority of live stream viewers (56 percent) with concerts. Then, live conferences are tying for second place (43 percent ). These events can get a lot of rapid reactions from the viewers. It gives them many options for repurposing the live video footage. Emoji comments and chat boxes are frequently included in live streaming marketing. These factors allow your audience to discuss the ongoing virtual event directly.

4. Cut down on high production costs.

If you are going to compare to other developed and edited video content materials, the cost of making live video marketing is exceptionally inexpensive; it is usually free. Higher sales result from increased efficiency, and the money you would have spent on live streaming marketing can now be put toward other campaigns. Thus, it will aid in the growth and product promotion of your company. The fact that the market value of live streaming is predicted to reach $184.3 billion by 2027 gives businesses even more motivation to hop into the trend.

5. Easy to use

According to HubSpot research, it takes roughly two hours to write a 500-word blog post and anything from four to eight hours to publish a 1,500–2,000-word article. Meanwhile, video productions like vlogs can typically be created and edited in two to three hours. Just picture how tedious that may be, especially if a deadline is approaching. However, producing Facebook live marketing content—or any live streaming marketing, for that matter—takes on average 4 minutes. Live stream marketing is straightforward, simple, and quicker to produce when you use the proper tools and equipment.

6. Convenient and more accessible 

The brand and the audience can benefit from live stream marketing. Also, it is less expensive for the company to generate a live stream, and viewers can access it from anywhere in the world. It is also easier to access. Hence, it is ideal for those who are physically challenged, have precarious health, and are hesitant to participate in physical events with a huge crowd. In essence, a virtual event simulated using live stream marketing offers convenience and comfort to all parties.

Live Streaming for Digital Marketing with iConnectFX

In digital marketing, live streaming plays a big role in telling your brand’s story. It helps establish connections with your target market and develop and retain a devoted fan and client base. Streaming video marketing development enables companies to provide pertinent messages to the target audience in real-time and at the appropriate time.

Need a place to launch your live streams? iConnect FX offers a free live streaming platform for you to connect with your target audiences. Engage your followers to establish a stronger customer base. Sign up with us now and get your live videos on stream!

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