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Importance of Pet Beds: Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Henery Smith
Importance of Pet Beds: Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Our fur companions are a part of our family and just like our family, we want them to be healthy, happy, and safe. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for fur babies, from getting their nutrition right to grooming and vaccination. Pet beds are another important thing on this list. 

Our beds are our personal haven, a safe place we like to rest after long, exhausting days. Similarly, pet beds can be a sanctuary for our fur babies. In domesticated environments, a pet bed can have the same effect as that of having a cave or den in wild environments. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, dog beds have many more benefits, let’s take a look.

What are the benefits of pet beds?

  • Safeguards joints

Sleeping on hard and cold floors can be bad for our pet’s health, especially their joints. For overweight pets with weaker joints, sleeping on the floor can exacerbate the problems and also lead to postural health problems. Sleeping on a soft bed will ease pressure on the joints and prevent discomfort from lying in the same position for too long. If your pet has joint issues, consider getting an orthopedic pet bed, easily available at any pet shop

  • Enhances sleep

Dogs and cats can be sensitive to temperature changes in the floor and the surrounding environment. This can disturb their rest time causing them to wake up multiple times. A cat bed or dog bed maintains a consistent temperature preventing sleep disturbances and ensuring a restful nap.

  • Provides a safe place

A pet bed can act as a safe spot for your dog and cat. Our fur companions need around 12 hours of sleep daily but this may be disturbed if they don't have a bed. Think of it like this, your pet sleeps on the couch but cannot do so when it is being occupied by someone. At the same time, if you have guests over their nap time can be disrupted as the furniture is in use.

  • Helps reduce anxiety

Sudden changes, unfamiliar environments, or apartment shifts can be distressing and anxiety-inducing. In such cases, their beds can be a safe place and help diminish anxiety. Pet beds can act as a comforting constant and help ease the transition of change. 

  • Gives warmth

Pet beds can provide warmth and a comfortable sleeping temperature. Pet beds become extra important for dogs living in extremely cold temperatures as it can prevent them from catching a cold. A warm, comfortable spot will help regulate their internal temperature and rest comfortably. 

  • Protects furniture

If pets have a habit of always restings and sleeping on furniture, it can degrade them over time. Furniture can get spoiled with excessive fur, dirt, fleas, etc, eroding their shine and shelf life.

Which pet bed should you buy?

Each pet is different and so is their bed requirement. A veterinarian is the best person for recommending pet beds as he would know your pet’s medical history and any special needs. However, there are a few factors to consider while buying a pet bed, these are:

  • Size

Duh! Depending on how big or small your pet is, the size of their bed will vary. You want to make sure that the bed is a comfortable size for them, where they can rest, shift, and lay without being too small or big. Ensure that no head or limbs hang off of the bed.

  • Washable

Pets bring food, dirt, fleas, and whatnot to their beds. So it becomes important for their beds to be washable. Just like us, our pets wouldn’t want to stay in a dirty environment for too long. Being able to clean their beds will make a big impact.

  • Support

While most pets would not need special stuffing or support in their beds, some do. If your pet has weak joints, arthritis, or related problems, special orthopedic beds may be needed. Make sure to consult your veterinarians for this.

  • Sustainability

A pet bed made of eco-friendly, recycled material is a great alternative to toxic chemical-filled beds. Plus, ensure that no toxic material reaches your pets as they like to put everything in their mouth causing problems.

What are the different types of pet beds?

The main types of pet beds to choose from are-

  • Snuggle beds- similar to bean bags, these beds are preferred by smaller dogs who love to curl up
  • Nest beds- traditional oval beds which are fit for all dogs
  • Bolsters- beds with pillows on one side, these are preferred by bigger dogs
  • Waterproof beds- great for outdoor use while camping or similar activities
  • Orthopedic beds- a medical bed for senior dogs or those who need extra foam and support
  • Heated beds- help maintain body temperature, perfect for pets who easily get cold or have arthritis which worsens with cold
  • Travel beds- portable, comfortable beds for pets of all sizes
Henery Smith
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