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How to Crochet in the Round

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How to Crochet in the Round

Once you learn to crochet, you can work the row by round or in the round. You can work the basic crochet stitches with either single-ended crochet hooks or use the interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook that either works with a cord or without one when used for regular crocheting. Crocheting in the round allows you to create circular or tubular projects such as hats, bags, or amigurumi. Crocheting is fun and creative. You can create wonders with your crochet hook. By mastering how to crochet in round (circles), we can make an incredibly wide variety of things including interesting napkins, doilies, and crochet coasters.

No matter what stitch you want to use (single, half or double crochet) you can work in circles. if you are a beginner, it is easy to learn to crochet in the round. There are two ways to make a seamless round- with a slip stitch or work continuously with the stitch.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to crochet in the round:

Start with a slipknot

Make a slipknot by creating a loop with the yarn, then insert your crochet hook through the loop, catch the working yarn, and pull it through the loop to create a slipknot on your hook.

Start with a Magic Circle

An adjustable technique to start a crochet project in the round, the magic circle avoids any hole in the middle. The yarn tail pulls to close the center hole while also giving the freedom of adding as many stitches as needed. Unlike the foundation chain joined into a circle for starting with projects in the round, there is no hole in the middle. The technique works best for patterns such as Amigurumi toys or hats, baskets, etc. Once you master the method you’ll be using it for most of your projects. If you are planning to expand your skills, you must master the crochet magic circle.

Chain stitches

Make a foundation chain with the desired number of stitches for your project. For example, if your pattern specifies starting with 6 stitches, you would chain 6.

Join the round

Once you have your chain stitches, insert your hook into the first chain stitch you made, creating a ring. Then, catch the working yarn and pull it through the chain stitch and the loop on your hook to create a slip stitch. This slip stitch joins the round.

Begin the first round

After joining the round, you can start working the stitches for the first round. Typically, the first round begins with a chain stitch, which counts as the first stitch of the round. Then, work the specified stitches into the center of the ring. For example, if your pattern calls for single crochet stitches, insert your hook into the center of the ring, catch the working yarn, and pull it through the ring, creating two loops on your hook. Finally, catch the working yarn again and pull it through both loops on your hook to complete the single crochet stitch.

Continue the round

After completing the first stitch, work the remaining stitches for the first round into the center of the ring. Follow the instructions in your pattern for the specific stitch and stitch count.

Joining the rounds

At the end of each round, you'll need to join it to the beginning of the round to continue working in a spiral. To do this, locate the first stitch you made in the current round. Insert your hook into the top of that stitch, catch the working yarn, and pull it through the stitch and the loop on your hook to create a slip stitch. This slip stitch joins the current round to the beginning of the previous round.

Repeat steps 4 to 6: Once you have joined the round, you can begin the next round by following the instructions in step 4. Continue working in this manner, joining each round to the previous one with a slip stitch, until you have completed the desired number of rounds for your project.

Fasten off: When you have finished crocheting in the round, cut the yarn, leaving a tail of several inches. Yarn over and pull the tail through the loop on your hook to fasten off. Use a finishing needle to weave in the loose ends on the back of your work.

Remember to consult your specific pattern for any stitch variations or additional instructions. Crocheting in the round may require different techniques or stitch combinations depending on the project you're working on.

Join the Round without Slip Stitch

Instead of joining the stitches with a slip stitch, in this technique, you simply work the crochet stitch. For this mark the start of the round with any of your locking stitch markers and then make a basic crochet stitch in both the loops making an invisible or seamless join.

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