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CPS Test (Clicks Per Second)

Click Per Second Test

What is CPS Test?

The CPS test, or clicks per second test, is an online tool used to measure a user's clicking speed and accuracy. The test involves clicking a button as many times as possible within a set time limit, usually 5, 10 or 20 seconds. The result is displayed as the number of clicks achieved within the time limit.

The CPS test has become popular as a measure of reaction time and gaming performance, and is often used by gamers and competitive players to gauge their clicking speed and accuracy.

Some gamers use the test as a way to practice and improve their clicking speed and accuracy, while others use it as a way to compare their scores with other players.

The test is simple to use and can be found on many websites that offer online tests and quizzes. To take the test, a user simply needs to click the button as quickly and accurately as possible.

The test is usually timed and the number of clicks achieved within the time limit is displayed as the result. Some tests also display an average CPS based on the user's clicks over the entire test.

While the CPS test is a fun way to measure clicking speed and accuracy, it is important to note that it is not an official measure of performance or reaction time.

The results of the test can be influenced by factors such as the user's hand-eye coordination, the quality of their mouse or trackpad, and the conditions under which the test is taken.

In addition to being a fun way to measure performance, the CPS test can also be used as a tool for improving reaction time and clicking accuracy. By practicing and taking the test regularly, a user can track their progress and see how they can improve their clicking speed and accuracy over time.

In conclusion, the CPS test is a simple and fun tool used to measure a user's clicking speed and accuracy. While it is not an official measure of performance or reaction time, it can be a useful tool for practicing and improving reaction time and clicking accuracy.

Whether used for fun or for self-improvement, the CPS test is a popular and entertaining way to gauge clicking speed and accuracy.

How many clicks per second is fast?

We use our own rating to calculate your test score. If you are doing less than 5 clicks per second, then this is the speed of the turtle. A good result is 5 to 10 clicks per second. If you make more than 10 clicks per second, then you are faster than most players.

What is the average CPS score?

The average CPS (clicks per second) score can vary depending on the specific test and the population being tested. However, a general rule of thumb is that the average CPS score for an adult is around 6 to 8 clicks per second.

For children and teenagers, the average CPS score is typically lower, around 4 to 6 clicks per second. However, it is important to note that these are just rough averages and there can be wide variation in CPS scores among individuals.

Additionally, certain factors such as hand size, muscle strength, and dexterity can also play a role in an individual’s CPS score.


The record is the best in every period. In terms of clicks per second, speed and reflexes are the only factors that matter. Your clicks per second will increase in direct proportion to how fast your reflexes are. Some methods and gimmicks can be quite useful in raising the click-through rate.


It has been stated that practice makes perfect, so if you want to put in as much time as you like on the click speed tester, feel free to do so. Following that link will save your current CPS rating. Find out where you stand in comparison to people from other parts of the world and evaluate how well you truly do with the score.

Any player of Minecraft who has a CPS of six or higher can confidently call themselves skilled. Do not stop taking the test over and over, and make sure that you are keeping track of your score after each new attempt. Through consistent practice, you may be able to increase your speed.


Alternatively, you can increase the pace of your clicks by switching from a standard mouse or trackpad to a mouse designed specifically for gaming. The sensors on a gaming mouse are often more responsive, accurate, and fast than those found on a regular mouse.

The typical, low-priced mouse can have a delay of 10–12 milliseconds. You should be able to lower that down to 0.5 milliseconds or even 1 milliseconds by using a gaming mouse. Even if you get a high-end gaming mouse, you still need to put in some practice time to become proficient with it.


There are a variety of mouse grips available, which you can try out. Pick the mouse grip that feels the most natural in both your hand and the mouse itself, whether that’s the palm grip or the clawed grasp. If you appropriately place your fingers, it will be easier on your hand.

  • Muscles, chill out. The likelihood of making a mistake is increased when muscles are tense.
  • Keep your fingers close to the mouse; it can be difficult to use if you have to stretch too far for it. It is going to be difficult for you to increase your click rate.
  • It is important not to use excessive force on the mouse because this can result in friction, which will slow down your clicks.
  • Relax your mind so you can have the best possible control over your mouse.

How To Measure Clicking Speed With The Cpstest?

Step 1: Open google from any of your browsers and search. Go for the first result!

Step 2: You can see the clicking pad at the center that says "Click to Start test" you can start clicking there.

Step 3: Once, you start landing your clicks, the timer starts. The timer of 5-seconds is set to default. Though you also can set timers of your choice.

Step 4: Your click counter test stops when the timer gets stops, and you will receive your result in a popup window.

To receive higher results and become pro in clicking, you need to practice daily with cps test for just 10 to 20 seconds. The modes like 60 seconds and 100 seconds are developed for pro players.

Techniques To Improve Clicks Per Second

1. Use Drag Clicking:

Drag Clicking is one of the fastest clicking techniques. In these techniques, the frictions of the finger and mouse have been taken under consideration. The click speed ranges from 25 to 100 CPS. The point of the test is to drag the drag target as quickly as possible. It is called the Drag, and it's called the Drag Target. The test measures the number of clicks you'll make while dragging the Drag to the Drag Target for a second.

2. Use Jitter Clicking Technique:

Do you want to become a pro gamer? If yes, then mastering the jitter click technique is all you need. Jitter clicking may be a beneficial technique developed for the users to make more clicks quickly on a mouse. In this method, users can click as quickly as possible with one finger, usually the index.

3. Use the Butterfly Clicking Technique:

Butterfly clicking is yet another method that can insanely increase your click speed. The butterfly clicking technique aims at recording maximum clicks by users in a given period, increasing their CPS score and making them efficient gamers. The click speed varies from 15 to 25 CPS.

How To Calculate Your CPS Test And Challenge Yourself?

The clicking games are very challenging when you struggle to beat your opponent. Then you need to be perfect at your clicking speed, and it needs consistency too. These type of clicking games like the cps test, and click speed test not just challenge you but helps you achieve your dream cps score.

Preparing For CPS Test

Before playing the CPS TEST game, users should primarily check on some aspects. One of the basic aspects is an internet connection! The user should be connected to a stable internet connection to get great, real, and ideal results.

Another important aspect is your hardware, your mouse! While any clicking task, the mouse plays a crucial role like your physical effort.

You know! Gamers are very particular about their gaming mouse, they always want it to be perfect. Your clicking speed depends on your mouse placement, usability, and how comfortable it is!

Although, some professional gamers take their mouse brand very seriously and choose the best mouse for them to get clicking smoothly.

CPS TEST World Record

There are many websites available in the market where you can calculate your clicks per second. But we make it very unique for you we decide and compare your results with the world record.

As per the Recordsetter (a website that lets you post your records), Mr. Dylan Allred from Las Vegas holds the world record for 1,051 times clicks in 10 seconds.

Before that, Tom Andre Seppola from Norway held the world record for 830 clicks in 30 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CPS counter?

A CPS counter is a tool used to measure the number of clicks per second that a person can make on a mouse or other input device.

How is a CPS counter used?

CPS counters are typically used in gaming to measure the speed and efficiency of a player’s clicking, but can also be used for other purposes such as measuring typing speed.

How can I improve my CPS score?

To improve your CPS score, you can practice clicking exercises, adjust the sensitivity of your mouse, and use a mouse with a high polling rate.

Do Clicks Per Second Matter in PvP gaming?

In PvP(Player versus Player) games, the clicking speed matters. Because you need to be better than a player in front of you. You need to be the best in clicks to beat your opponent as well as you need to work with your accuracy. High CPS helps a lot in PvP, most top PvP players click about 8 to 12 clicks per second. In that case, the cps test helps you improve your clicking speed.

Click Per Second Test
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