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7 Remarkable Biblical Figures Who Were Preppers at Heart

Hammad dilsey
7 Remarkable Biblical Figures Who Were Preppers at Heart

When you look around, you might think that "prepping" is a modern-day concept. The concept of stockpiling supplies, learning essential survival skills, and being ready to face any calamity, right? Surprisingly, the roots of prepping are much older than most realize. Let's take a stroll through history - the biblical times, to be exact. You'll find that the idea of preparing for challenging times has always been there, deeply ingrained in human instinct. Let's take a look at seven biblical figures who were actually preppers, in a sense. You'll see that this instinct to survive and thrive against all odds is as old as time itself.

1. Noah: The Ultimate Prepper

When we talk about preppers in the Bible, it's impossible not to mention Noah. Warned by God of an upcoming flood that would destroy all life, Noah didn't just sit back. He built an ark, gathered his family, and brought in pairs of every animal species. Now, if that doesn't sound like prepping, what does the Bible say about prepping?

2. Joseph: The Wise Planner

During seven years of plenty, Joseph, as the vizier of Egypt, stored vast amounts of grain to prepare for the seven years of famine that were to follow. He managed to save an entire nation from starvation with his foresight and planning, a true example of the prepping biblical way.

3. Nehemiah: The Protector

Nehemiah, who oversaw the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls, wasn't just a builder. He was a strategic planner and protector. He anticipated the potential threats and made sure the city was well fortified. In today's terms, that would be similar to securing your home in preparation for potential dangers.

4. The Ants: Nature's Preppers

Proverbs 6:6-8 tells us to consider the ways of the ants, who gather their food during summer, preparing for the winter. While not a person, it's a metaphor that carries a valuable lesson about the importance of foresight and preparation.

5. The Ten Virgins: Preparation Pays Off

In the parable of the ten virgins, the five wise ones took extra oil for their lamps while the foolish ones did not. When the bridegroom was delayed, the wise virgins were prepared. This parable is a classic lesson about the importance of always being prepared.

6. The Shrewd Manager: Financial Prepper

In the parable of the shrewd manager, a manager, knowing he will be fired, uses his authority to reduce the debts of others, thereby gaining their favor for his future unemployment. This can be seen as a form of financial prepping, preparing for a future financial crisis.

7. Jesus: The Spiritual Prepper

Jesus, often speaking in parables, taught his followers to always be prepared for the end times, similar to how Christian preppers today would prepare for challenging periods in life.

In the end, the Bible teaches us that preparation is a key aspect of life. Whether it's spiritual, physical, or mental preparation, these biblical figures showed us that being ready for the unexpected is a wise choice. It's not about fear, but about being wise, practical, and realistic about the world we live in.

In a more modern context, this comprehensive look at Christian prepping embraces the lessons from these biblical figures, demonstrating how one can blend faith and practical wisdom in preparing for the future.

Learning from these biblical figures, we understand that preparation goes beyond stockpiling resources. It includes building strong relationships, much like Nehemiah did when rebuilding Jerusalem's walls. You can find practical tips on building lasting relationships here.

Moreover, prepping also involves developing a sense of foresight and planning, not unlike Joseph. This skill is useful in various aspects of life, including choosing the right tools to help manage your projects effectively, as highlighted in this informative article.

Being a prepper, at its core, is about being ready for life's challenges. It's a lifestyle, a mindset, and a philosophy that can be traced back to biblical times. And as these seven figures show us, it's a practice that transcends time.

Preparation, an Act of Faith

It's interesting to observe that the act of prepping, as demonstrated by these biblical figures, was often deeply intertwined with their faith. For Noah, the building of the ark wasn't just an act of obedience; it was a profound act of faith. He trusted in the divine message he received and took action, even in the face of potential ridicule and disbelief from others. This same pattern was seen in the actions of Joseph and Nehemiah, who believed in their mission and took steps to prepare for the future.

The Heart of a Prepper

At its heart, prepping is more than just survival. It's about taking responsibility for one's own life and the lives of those one cares about. It's about making wise choices in the present to ensure a secure future. Each biblical figure we examined embodied this spirit of responsibility, from Noah's concern for all life on earth to Joseph's commitment to the survival of Egypt. It is this fundamental ethos that sets preppers apart. It's not about hoarding or acting out of fear but about caring, planning, and being responsible.

Preparedness in Modern Times

While most of us aren't building arks or storing seven years' worth of grain, the lessons from these biblical figures still hold relevance. In our own lives, preparation may take the form of maintaining a savings account for unexpected expenses, keeping a first aid kit in our homes and cars, or learning practical skills that could come in handy in an emergency. Like our biblical predecessors, modern preppers understand that life is unpredictable and being prepared helps mitigate risks.

Hammad dilsey
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