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10 Days in Morocco - 8 Days in Morocco - 7 Days in Morocco

Morocco itinerary
10 Days in Morocco - 8 Days in Morocco - 7 Days in Morocco


Morocco travel - Morocco tour

The cape with its striking lighthouse forms the north-western point of Africa. High above the cliffs, at the confluence of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama.


 Towering over the cliffs of the sea, the yellow lighthouse was erected in 1864 after the Brazilian naval ship "Dona Isabel" ran aground off the cape in 1860. The lighthouse is still in operation, but officially visitors are not allowed on the site for a small tip (approx. DH 20/person) the friendly warden will often open the gate The viewing platform behind the lighthouse offers a fantastic view of the rocky coast. The Beatles and Bob Marley are said to have sat here with a mint tea and enjoyed the panorama.


A walk in the Forêt Perdicaris can be optimally combined with a visit to Cap Spartel. There is a guarded parking lot, souvenir shops and the Cap Spartel café-restaurant. 6 Days Morocco itinerary


 Grottes d'Hercule (Hercules Grotto)


According to Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules (Greek Herakles) is said to have retired to the limestone cave to rest after he had completed his "twelve labours", including cleaning the cattle stalls of he Augeas. The entrance to the cave is on the left below a parking lot surrounded by many terrace cafes. In prehistoric times, the grotto was used for limestone mining and thus further hollowed out. Today souvenir vendors wait inside. An opening in the rock gives a view of the surf: with a bit of imagination, its shape is reminiscent of the outline of Africa.


 Near the grotto are the ruins of the Roman settlement of Cotta, which dates back to the 3rd century BC. until the 3rd century AD go back In Cotta, the foundations of a temple, a thermal bath and a garum factory were uncovered. The popular salty fish sauce garum was traded at a high price back then. The ruin site is not accessible. 7 Days Morocco Desert tour


Plague Sidi Kacem


 The unspoiled and long sandy beach invites you to relax; you can rent loungers and parasols. Here is a popular weekend destination, especially for foreigners living in Tangier: the Mediterranean restaurant L'Océan. The free-roaming animals in the restaurant garden, the long sandy beach and the pool restaurant La Piscine, which is only about 50 m down the road, make Sidi Kacem an ideal destination for families with children. About 3 km further south, the Zaouia Sidi Kacem sits enthroned on a hill above the coast. Followers of the Muslim brotherhood of the same name make regular pilgrimages to this small shrine.


Cap Malabata and Ksar es Seghir


A trip towards Cap Malabata about 6 km north-east of Tangier is worthwhile, above all because of the view from the lighthouse over the Bay of Tangier. At the Cape, a medieval-looking fortress ruins sit enthroned on a rock, said to have been built by a rich Moroccan in the 20th century. The Captain Cap Malabata restaurant with a garden and sea view is located on the access road to the cape, which ends at a parking lot in front of the (closed) lighthouse (very good value for money, WiFi, large parking lot). 9 Days In Morocco


 Continuing along the coast to Ksar es Seghir and Ceuta offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Although a lot has been built, there is still the occasional opportunity to camp wild or take a dead-end road to the beach, e.g. in the small town of Oued Siraj (5 km after the turn-off to Cap Malabata) or at Tarifa Beach , just behind the nice Hotel Tarifa Beach, which is ideal for a first or last overnight stay before the Tangier Med ferry port. 8 Days Tour in Morocco


Ksar es Seghir is reached 31 km after Tangier or 25 km from the center of Tangier. In the lively town there is a ring-shaped fortress, the only one of its kind in North Africa. The place was always an important troop base and starting point for campaigns of conquest. Already after death of the Moroccan state founder Idriss I (809 AD) the first fortified complex was erected because of the disputes with the Ummayads and Fatimids, which was then expanded in 1192 under the Almohad ruler Yaqub al Mansur. From here the "holy war" against the Christians in Spain began. In 1458 the Portuguese conquered the fortress, but were only able to hold it until 1550. The ring-shaped rampart is clearly visible, but the Almohad fortress is partly from one The remains of the city wall in the village date from the Portuguese period. 10 Days Morocco Travel 


 The road to the port, the motorway and the expressway from Tangier join 25 km after Tangier (4 km after Ksar es Seghir) at a roundabout. Here you can find more ticket offices for the ferries to Spain. After 2 km, at another roundabout, you will reach the entrance to the port (note the sign "Car Access").




Only 46 km south of Tangier, you feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis in the blue and white streets of the artists' town of Asilah. There may not be much to see in Asilah, but the laid-back vibe, sandy beach and Andalusian flair will tempt you to stay more than a night in one of the pretty guesthouses in the medina. For a description of the city of Asilah, see the chapter "The North Atlantic Coast". 12 Days Trip in Morocco 

Morocco itinerary
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