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Enhancing Ford Transit Custom's Towing Capability through Remapping

Lily Carter
Enhancing Ford Transit Custom's Towing Capability through Remapping

The Ford Transit is a beloved vehicle on UK roads, holding the third spot among the best-selling vans of all time since its introduction in 1965. With the popularity of Ford Transit Custom variants, the option of remapping has gained traction among van owners, allowing them to enhance their vehicles' capabilities.

Ford Transit Custom and Towing

The Ford Transit Custom has been in production since 2012 and is a popular choice due to its versatility, reliability, and impressive load-carrying capacity. One of the key reasons for its popularity is its efficient towing capability. Towing capacity is a crucial consideration, especially for commercial decision-makers who rely on vans for towing trailers and equipment.


The towing capacity of a Ford Transit van depends on the model and trim. The Passenger van range can handle up to 2085kg, the Crew van range up to 2945kg, and the Cargo van range up to 3125kg.

Remapping for Increased Towing Capability

Many transit custom owners are unaware that they can boost their Ford Transit Custom's towing capability through remapping. By remapping the vehicle's ECU, and the onboard computer, the performance and behaviour of the van can be modified to achieve better results.

When vehicles leave the factory, the ECU parameters are set at an "average" level rather than optimized. This is done to meet regulations regarding emissions, fuel consumption, and safety. Remapping allows for the adjustment of parameters to unlock better performance.

Parameters Modified During Remapping

The ECU contains numerous settings and parameters, but a remap focuses on the ones that have the most significant impact on performance.


These include fuel injection quantity, fuel injection pressure, spark advance, torque limiters, throttle position, lambda correction, and turbo boost pressure.

Gains Achievable through Remapping

Remapping offers gains in horsepower, torque, acceleration, handling, and sometimes fuel efficiency. A Ford Transit Custom remap can provide up to 43.3HP extra horsepower and up to 115 ft-lbs of additional torque, based on the 2018+ 2.0L Ford Transit Custom 170PS model.


Increased torque, especially in the lower rev range, allows the vehicle to tow heavier loads without straining the engine and drivetrain.

Different Remap Options for Ford Transit Custom

There are various remap options available for Ford Transit Custom vans, focusing on power or fuel efficiency. Installation usually takes around an hour and can deliver impressive gains.

Enhanced Towing Capability

By unlocking more horsepower and torque through remapping, you can significantly enhance your Ford Transit Custom's towing capability. The additional torque enables the van to handle heavier loads while reducing strain on the engine and drivetrain.


If you're a Ford Transit Custom van owner or driver seeking improved towing performance, a remap is a cost-effective solution. Discover the potential of your van by optimizing its parameters through remapping. Boost your towing capabilities and enjoy a more capable and efficient Ford Transit Custom without breaking the bank.

Lily Carter
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