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The Top Content Management System (CMS) Platforms Driving UAE's Online Landscape

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The Top Content Management System (CMS) Platforms Driving UAE's Online Landscape


In today's digital age, businesses connect with their customers through various online touchpoints. A stable content management system (CMS) has become a crucial necessity, seamlessly integrating an organization's content landscape with manifold systems. The UAE has witnessed a surge in the sale and adoption of various CMS platforms, each catering to specific business requirements, setup costs, implementation times, and manageability. This article explores the current market share of popular CMS platforms in the UAE, focusing on WordPress, Adobe Muse, Microsoft SharePoint, and iAPPS.Do you want to learn more about Web Development Company in Dubai ? Please contact Megatask web for Web Development services.

WordPress - The Dominant CMS Platform (81.46% Market Share):

With an overwhelming 81.46% market share, WordPress is the most commonly used CMS platform in the UAE. Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has remained a popular choice for businesses, from personal blogs to professional e-commerce websites. Its user-friendly web design capabilities make web development cost-effective, secure, and SEO-friendly. With a vast array of plugins, WordPress allows for easy customization and offers strong community support as an open-source platform.

Adobe Muse (AM) - Empowering Designers (2.32% Market Share):

Adobe Muse, accounting for 2.32% market share, is not just a CMS but a website builder tailor-made for designers. Its user interface, akin to Adobe's design programs like Indesign and Photoshop, allows designers to create stunning websites without coding knowledge. The platform offers a dedicated community and tutorial videos for easy learning. While the absence of ready-to-use themes may pose a challenge, Adobe Muse enables merging of albums or blogs from Tumblr or WordPress. If you're looking for the Web Development Agency in Dubai, look no further than Megatask web.

Microsoft SharePoint - User-Friendly Archiving and Sharing (1.34% Market Share):

Microsoft SharePoint claims 1.34% market share and is an excellent CMS choice for those familiar with Microsoft Office suite. Ideal for archiving, managing, and sharing vast content like word docs or pdfs, SharePoint requires a careful grasp of taxonomy. As part of the Microsoft family, it seamlessly integrates with Office suite, making it secure and efficient for intranets. However, the closed-source nature may affect support availability.

iAPPS - Flexibility and Content Integration (0.50% Market Share):

With 136 businesses using it, iAPPS secures the fourth position among all CMS platforms. Offering a flexible interface, iAPPS allows admin management on mobile devices and tablets. Built on the latest HTML5 technology, it enables seamless hosting of rich media content. Additionally, the platform facilitates fluid integration with third-party apps for content sharing, but improvements in UX and support may be required. go and Get a Free Quote on Web Development Company in Dubai

Other CMS Platforms (0.50% Average Market Share):

Apart from the prominent ones, 27 other CMS platforms, including Joomla, Drupal, and Umbraco, collectively own an average market share of 0.50%.


While WordPress holds the lion's share of the CMS market in the UAE, choosing the right CMS depends on understanding specific business needs and budget constraints. Price should not be the sole deciding factor, as the real cost of a CMS is evident post-purchase. For small businesses, avoiding CMS platforms requiring extensive coding can save time and costs. Consulting a web designing agency can provide invaluable guidance in selecting the most suitable CMS to enhance online presence and drive business success.

Web Development Company in Dubai
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