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How to Declutter Your Home in a Short Time

Shane DeMarta
How to Declutter Your Home in a Short Time

We’re months into the year and I bet many of us have accumulated a lot of clutter. Trying to keep your home clean and organized isn’t easy for many people. There are times when you get busy for a week or two. Then you take a breath and realize that you have piles of clean clothes on a chair. Or there might be a stack of mail or magazines on a side table.

The next logical step to take is to start decluttering. It’s vital to our physical and mental health. It can lead to higher stress levels. Clutter also makes it hard to focus. It can even hurt our most precious relationships. Watch any episode of Hoarders and you can see how it takes a toll on our loved ones.

The problem is decluttering your home can feel overwhelming. Many people are very intimidated by the process because they don’t know where to begin. After all, there are dozens of shelves and drawers in a home. That’s not even mentioning the closets, cabinets, and trunks.

You also cannot declutter your house in one day. It’s impossible and will only lead to anxiety. It’s better if you don’t tackle everything at once. Give yourself at least four weeks to do this task. We’ll also help you by sharing our tips on how to declutter your home.

Everything becomes better and easier if you have a plan. This includes decluttering. The first step to successful decluttering is to identify clutter hotbeds.

Find Your Clutter Hotbeds

Everything becomes better and easier if you have a plan. This includes decluttering. The first step to successful decluttering is to identify your home’s clutter hotbeds. These are the areas in your space that have the most clutter. It can be your hallway or your home office. A closet is a common hot spot. People tend to throw things in and shut the door to hide the mess.

Do a walkthrough of your home. Observe and list down areas with the most clutter. Identify the top three. These are the areas you should focus on first.

Develop Your Sorting Process

Once you’ve identified your clutter hotbeds, it’s time to focus on your clean-up system. You’ll be spending a lot of time sorting things when you start decluttering. Where will these things go? That’s where your sorting procedure comes in.

The most popular method people use is the Three Box Style. Get three boxes, bins, or bags. Label one “Keep” and the other “Throw.” Label the last one “Storage.” You can then go through your stuff and organize them where it’s appropriate.

The Keep bin is for things that are useful in your life today. These are your plants, books, pens, etc. The Throw bag is for those items you don’t need anymore. This is where old clothes, chipped mugs, and the like should go. Your Storage container is where you can put those sentimental items you can’t live without. Those seasonal decorations and clothes also go here.

Do the Most Important Space First

It makes sense to focus on the area that’s the most important. For most people, this is either the refrigerator or the bedroom. The former because it’s the most used appliance in every household. It can fill up with Tupperware and condiments in a flash. Clearing it of leftovers and ketchup packets will help make cooking easier.

The bedroom is your sacred space. It’s where you rest and recuperate. It should be clean and organized. It’s the best way to get peace and a good night’s sleep.

Similar Items Go Together

One of the biggest time sucks is hunting for that one thing you need. It could be a candle or the cord to your tablet. Many people will claw through drawers looking for things. They even end up taking things out and forgetting to put them back.

The best thing to do is to group similar things together. For instance, assign one drawer as the catchall of all your gadget paraphernalia. Use one box to put all your bathroom cleaning supplies. Doing this will make it easier to find specific items. It will also reduce clutter because now everything has its place.

Decluttering Made Easy

Decluttering is easy when you have Junk Racer on your side. We specialize in fast and friendly junk removal. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is point. We can clear your attic, basement, or home of clutter. We do appliance and furniture removal. We do light demolition and construction debris removal.

Shane DeMarta
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