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9 Tips for Becoming a Good Bike Rider in India

9 Tips for Becoming a Good Bike Rider in India

Motorcycling is a popular mode of transportation in India, with millions of people riding bikes every day. However, riding a bike in India can be challenging, due to the chaotic traffic conditions and poor road infrastructure. This article will provide some tips on how to become a good bike rider in India and stay safe on the road.

1. Get the right training

The first step to becoming a good bike rider is to get the right training. There are many riding schools in India that offer courses for beginners and experienced riders. These courses will teach you the basics of motorcycle handling, braking, and cornering. They will also teach you about traffic laws and safety procedures.

2. Wear the right gear

Always wear the right gear when riding a bike, including a helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, and pants. This gear will protect you in the event of an accident.

3. Be aware of your surroundings

When riding a bike, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. This means paying attention to other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals. It also means being aware of the road conditions and any potential hazards.

4. Obey the traffic rules

It is important to obey the traffic rules when riding a bike. This includes following the speed limit, using your turn signals, and not riding on the wrong side of the road.

5. Be predictable

Other drivers and pedestrians need to be able to predict what you are going to do when you are riding a bike. This means being predictable in your movements and signaling your intentions early.

6. Be patient

Riding a bike in India can be frustrating, due to the chaotic traffic conditions. It is important to be patient and not get angry or aggressive.

7. Practice regularly

The more you practice riding a bike, the better you will become at it. Try to practice in a variety of conditions, including city traffic, highway driving, and off-road riding.

8. Getting the bike insured

It’s very essential to get the bike insured before taking it on the road for a ride. It is mandatory to have third party insurance as per Motor Vehicles Act. However, a person can even opt for comprehensive insurance to get the benefit of third-party insurance coverage and own damage cover both equally. With the increase in the number of road accidents, it is advisable to better buy bike insurance after purchasing any new bike and keep renewing the policy from time to time to enjoy its uninterrupted services.

9. Carry your Document

It is very important to carry your document like driving licence, bike insurance policy, RC book, Pollution Under Control Certificate. To make things easier, you may opt to carry soft copies of these documents for easy reference and accessibility.


By following these tips, you can become a good bike rider in India and stay safe on the road. Remember, riding a bike is a privilege, not a right. Be responsible and respectful of others, and you will enjoy many safe and enjoyable rides.

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