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What are Crawability Issues and how to deal with them?

alex joseph

The website audit is crucial for every website available on the Google search engine. The website available on Google and displays results as an answer to a user’s query is actually indexed on the search engine. Google allows pages to be indexed on it after it gets crawled easily. The bots of a search engine are intelligent enough to identify the website pages and rank them if match appropriately. 

Most of the websites fail to display on Google due to ranking issues and technical problems. However, Google's algorithm intelligently signifies the websites for their performance. There are various tools available to audit websites and check their performance. If the website faces any issues which are known as crawability issues, then it would be critically examined and resolved using site audit tools. There are many tools that help the website check out any issues that exist, and resolve them to improve the overall performance and domain authority (DA) of the website. 

The website audit can be performed to find out a few crucial issues of crawability like website blocked pages, non-indexing pages, bad interlinking of pages, and bad sitemap. Such issues could be resolved with the help of some experts. The experts can understand your website problem well and resolve it. If you want to perform the site audit for your website then you may connect with the Best SEO company in Gurgaon and improve your website performance. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the top crawability issues that exist on the website. But first, understand the meaning of crawability. 

So let’s get started. 

What do you understand with crawability? 

The Google algorithms are designed to crawl the website pages using robots/bots. The robot.txt contains the URL/link of pages that exist on the website and need to be crawled. Those pages that match with the algorithm criteria are crawled easily and get indexed. Such pages are displayed on Google SERP. 

Major crawability issues affect the performance of a website 

  1. Website pages blocked

The website pages are due to annoying reasons unable to be crawled and indexed on Google. That will create an overburden on the website. With the help of a website audit, the pages that are crawled should be checked and resolved technically. 

Few of the instances when the website pages are blocked: 

  1. user-agent:* disallow:/
  2. user-agent:* allow:/
  3. user-agent:* disallow: /products/

  1. No indexing and no follow

The no-indexing pages are not indexed by the robot.txt file and are not displayed on Google. These pages are alert with no follow links. The Semrush or Uber Suggest tools help to find out the no indexing pages and you can remove the no follow link and allow such links to be crawled by Google. 

For example: <meta name’robots’ content=’nofollow’>


The crawability issue is a very genuine issue that every website needs to look after to improve its presence and potential traffic on Google. The website audit should be performed regularly to check if such problems exist and affect the website. 

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alex joseph
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