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How Social Media Marketing has Changed Traditional Marketing?

alex joseph

According to a global review, more than half of the world's population i.e. 58.4 percent now uses social media. Four hundred twenty-four million individuals joined in during this past year alone. Twenty years ago, marketing was much different, with ads typically appearing via radio, television, or billboards. Today's exponential user growth can be directly tied to social media's rise as an avenue of marketing. Businesses and consumers have discovered the perfect opportunity for connection, networking, and growth through Social Media Marketing Company in India. 

What impact has social media had on marketing? 

Social media has revolutionised marketing in many ways, from brand recognition to increased sales opportunities. Here, we explore its effect and its transformation of how businesses operate. SEO and social media have changed how marketing is done these days. And that is why you need experts from the seo company in Delhi to have reach and more sales in this digital world.

Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Visibility

Social media has long been an indispensable aspect of business marketing because it offers new and old business owners an equal opportunity. On average, users visit 4.5 social media platforms each month, thus increasing the chance that any particular marketing efforts on any specific forum are seen and noticed. Conversely, the likelihood increases significantly when targeting all 5. These targeting can be done using engagement via promotions, branding, and algorithms. Social media is an excellent way to gain views, make products known, and persuade potential buyers into buying your product. 

Social Media Marketing Supports Transparency

Customer care is of the utmost importance when running a successful company, and social media enables businesses to provide them with new ways of meeting this goal. Past generations were often reluctant to reach out and communicate their unhappiness or share positive experiences with companies. Today's consumers, however, can be much more open in seeking support or sharing positive ones. Marketing through social media has completely revolutionised how companies and individuals engage with customers.  

For instance, content marketing services from the Social Media Marketing Company in India provide instantaneous customer satisfaction by handling reviews, recommendations, comments, and direct messages in real time. This ensures instant satisfaction while helping resolve complaints quickly and providing instant assistance if required. Customers can uncover the true nature of a brand. 

Social Media Marketing Increases Sales Expansion for Businesses

Integrating transparency and visibility can lead to an increase in sales. Companies no longer rely on advertisements alone as their only form of visibility, now, they can publish free content online while supplementing it with ads targeted towards specific demographics. The good part is these targeting can be based on activities on the website, interests, or locations.

Social Media Impact on the Marketing World

Social media's rise has revolutionised how businesses conduct business. Companies recognizing this shift are investing in professional social media management services to get their brand noticed by customers and generate sales. Employing social media for marketing opens up many potential clients with no geographical barriers standing between you and reaching clients worldwide. Which means more sales. 


This is how social media marketing has changed the traditional way of marketing and can help businesses reach heights. All you need is the right Social Media and the seo company in Jaipur by your side.

alex joseph
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