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Diverse Delights: Non-Basmati Rice Varieties You Must Experience

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Diverse Delights: Non-Basmati Rice Varieties You Must Experience

Rice, a staple in many households, has a rich history and cultural significance worldwide. As we delve into the diverse world of rice, it’s not just basmati that deserves the spotlight. Non-Basmati rice varieties, often overshadowed, bring unique flavours and textures to our tables. Let’s embark on a journey to explore these tasty grains and understand why they are a must-experience in the culinary world.

Exploring Non-Basmati Rice Varieties


Basmati rice is famous for its fragrance, yet there are many other non-basmati varieties with distinct tastes and textures. This guide will delve into these types, and their traits, and help you discover long-grain white rice 25% broken along with other top non-basmati rice sources.

●    Sugandha Rice

Sugandha rice, a long-grain variety, shares basmati's delightful aroma. It doesn't stick together after cooking, making it perfect for biryanis and pulao. Its ability to maintain individual grains makes it a favourite for those who savour distinct textures in their rice dishes.

●    Sharbati Rice

Sharbati rice, a non-basmati type, stands out with its long grains and sweet flavour. Its delightful aroma adds depth to any dish. This versatile rice variety is perfect for pulaos, biryanis, or steamed rice, enhancing the taste of every recipe it graces.

●    RH10 Rice

RH10 rice, a medium-grain type from India, becomes soft and slightly sticky when cooked. Its texture suits dishes like risotto and sushi, where a stickier consistency is desired. This rice variety excels at absorbing flavours, making it an excellent choice for creating tasty and aromatic rice-based dishes.

●    PR11 rice

PR11 rice, a well-known non-basmati type, boasts long grains and a subtle fragrance. Its firm texture ensures the grains stay separate after cooking, making it versatile for various rice dishes. This rice variety is a go-to option for everyday meals, including rice bowls, fried rice, and delectable side dishes.

●    PR 106 Rice

PR 106 rice, a medium-grain favourite, is prized for its superior cooking attributes. Its delightful fragrance accompanies a soft, non-sticky texture after cooking. This rice variety is a top choice for biryanis, pulao, and other rice dishes, ensuring the grains turn out fluffy and perfectly separated, enhancing every meal.

●    IR64 Rice

IR64 rice, a non-basmati gem, is renowned for its abundant yield and affordability. Its long grains cook up fluffy and separate, making it a practical choice. Often found in commercial kitchens, IR64 rice is valued for its cost-effectiveness and suitability for bulk cooking, making delicious meals accessible for many.

●    Round Rice

Round rice, true to its name, features round grains with a mildly sticky texture once cooked. Widely popular in Asian cuisines, particularly in sushi, rice cakes, and rice puddings, it adds a delightful chewiness to these dishes. Additionally, round rice is a go-to option for making rice flour and various other rice-based products, showcasing its versatility in the kitchen.

●    Jasmine Rice

Originating from Thailand, Jasmine rice is renowned for its fragrant aroma and fluffy texture. It’s a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine that elevates dishes with its subtle floral notes. From savoury curries to sushi rolls, Jasmine rice adds a touch of perfection to every bite.

●    Arborio Rice

Straight from the heart of Italy, Arborio rice takes centre stage in creamy risottos. Its rich starch content gives risotto its signature smooth texture. With Arborio, every spoonful becomes a delightful experience, making it a favourite in kitchens around the world.

●    Red Rice

Red rice, with its nutty flavour and vibrant hue, originates from regions like Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Packed with antioxidants and fibre, it’s a healthy choice. Whether as a side dish or in salads, red rice brings not just colour but also a wholesome crunch to your meals.

●    Wild Rice

Native to North America, wild rice isn’t just rice; it's a delicacy. Its chewy texture and earthy taste make it a unique addition to soups and casseroles. As it pops open during cooking, it releases a nutty aroma, teasing your senses and your taste buds.

Find the Reliable Rice Exporter

When it comes to finding premium non-basmati rice, we pride ourselves on being among the top Indian non-basmati rice traders in the market. Our dedication to quality shines through in the wide array of non-basmati rice varieties we offer. Each grain is meticulously chosen and processed to meet global standards. We guarantee that our rice is pure, maintaining its natural aroma, and delivering an unparalleled taste and texture that satisfies every palate.


Non-Basmati rice varieties bring a world of flavours, textures, and cooking traits to the table, making them a preferred pick for diverse culinary creations. Whether you crave the aromatic allure of long-grain rice such as Sugandha and Sharbati, the slightly sticky appeal of medium-grain choices like RH10, PR11, and PR 106, or the flexibility of IR64 and round rice, there's a non-basmati type to suit every taste. When it comes to securing top-quality non-basmati rice, trust reliable suppliers like us to enhance your culinary adventures.

Amoli International
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