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International Calling: Curbing Costs for UK Businesses

Craig Upton
International Calling: Curbing Costs for UK Businesses

In an era of near-total global connectivity, international communication has become the backbone of successful business operations. Businesses rely on seamless connectivity to maintain relationships with partners, stakeholders and customers while expanding their reach and broadening their footprints across international territories.

But what’s often overlooked is how even today, the costs associated with international calling can be surprisingly high. Organisations often find that you don't have to travel abroad on a regular basis to find yourself facing exorbitant costs for international communications.

The High Cost of International Calling

Technology may be making the entire globe more accessible for businesses than ever before, but the costs of international phone calls (and other communications like SMS/MMS) can be excessive.

Call charges as high as £2.50 per minute are still commonplace, which can be compounded by connection fees and other one-charges in some instances.

While some businesses make concerted efforts to restrict their communication with important overseas contacts, it's hardly an ideal option. In a globalised economy, maintaining open lines of communication across borders is essential, calling for a more strategic solution.

Bundles and Bolt-Ons: An Imperfect Answer

Many mainstream providers in the UK offer bundles and bolt-ons as optional extras on their agreements. These supplementary services give businesses the flexibility to include per-minute discounts or free inclusive minutes to their specific countries or regions.

The issue here is that while these bolt-ons can seem like a cost-effective way to reduce international call charges, they typically come with their issues.

For example, not all mainstream providers offer such bundles and bolt-ons, limiting the options available to businesses. In addition, while these packages can provide some relief from high international calling costs, they often come at an additional premium, which may offset the savings gained from reduced call rates.

Moreover, businesses must carefully assess their international calling patterns before committing to a bundle or bolt-on. If the majority of their calls are concentrated in one region, such a package may make sense. However, if their international calls span various countries, the costs can quickly add up, potentially making the bundle less cost-effective.

RoamingExpert: Tailored Solutions for UK Businesses

At RoamingExpert, we understand the unique communication needs of UK businesses. We specialise in crafting bespoke mobile agreements, tailored to the individual requirements of each business we support.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

1.    Affordable Bundles: We provide affordable bundles that cover key international markets, offering superior coverage and lower prices compared to standard international call rates.

2.    Flexibility: You can modify and optimise your communication plans based on your shifting requirements. This flexibility ensures that you only pay for the services you need and avoid unnecessary expenses.

3.    Flexible Tariffs: Our agreements start from 30-day rolling contracts, providing businesses with the freedom to adapt their communication plans without the burden of long-term commitments.

4.    Dedicated Account Management: We offer dedicated account management to ensure that your international communication needs are met promptly and efficiently.

5.    Centralised Portal: Our online portal allows businesses to monitor and track their calls and data usage with ease. This transparency enables better cost management and control.

Ensuring your business remains seamlessly connected to the global marketplace (without breaking the bank) lies in looking beyond mainstream, off-the-shelf services.

By partnering with RoamingExpert, your business will benefit from a tailored agreement that combines both superior coverage with unbeatable value for money.

If you'd like to learn more about our tailored services for businesses like yours, click here or call +44 (0) 3300 555 777 anytime for a chat. 

Craig Upton
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