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The Science Behind Carboxy Therapy: How CO2 Can Transform Your Skin

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The Science Behind Carboxy Therapy: How CO2 Can Transform Your Skin

Carboxy Therapy, a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, has gained popularity of late for its ability to rejuvenate & revitalize the skin. But what's the science behind this innovative treatment? Let’s dig deep into the fascinating world of Carboxy Therapy and explore how the introduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide) can work wonders for your skin.

Understanding Carboxy Therapy:

Before we dive into the science, let's have a brief overview of what Carboxy Therapy entails. This procedure involves the controlled administration of medical-grade carbon dioxide gas just beneath the skin's surface. While the idea of injecting CO2 may sound unusual, the results are nothing short of remarkable.

The CO2 Effect:

So, how does CO2 transform your skin? It all comes down to a few key processes:

Increased Blood Flow: When CO2 is introduced into the skin, it has a vasodilating effect, meaning it widens blood vessels. This increased blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients to the treated area, promoting overall skin health.

Stimulated Collagen Production: Among the foremost advantages of Carboxy Therapy lies in its capacity to encourage the generation of collagen. Collagen is the protein accountable for the suppleness and flexibility of the skin. With the passage of time, collagen production diminishes, contributing to the development of sagging skin and wrinkles. CO2 injections prompt an inherent bodily reaction to stimulate greater collagen production, yielding skin that is more resilient and smoother in texture.

Improved Microcirculation: CO2 also enhances microcirculation, the blood flow through the smallest blood vessels. This improved microcirculation helps remove waste products from skin cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite & promoting a healthy complexion.

Conditions Treated by Carboxy Therapy:

Carboxy Therapy can effectively address various skin concerns, including:

·        Wrinkles and fine lines

·        Dark circles and under-eye puffiness

·        Acne scars

·        Stretch marks

·        Cellulite

·        Loose or sagging skin

The Procedure:

Carboxy Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that typically involves a series of sessions. During each session, a medical professional administers small injections of CO2 under the skin's surface using a tiny needle. The procedure is generally well-tolerated and requires little to no downtime.

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