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Water Storage Tank Cleaning Guide

APL Apollo Pipes
Water Storage Tank Cleaning Guide

The water tank cleaning process involves a laborious process of cleaning dust, rust, dirt, mould, or sludge that accumulates over time. Additionally, water tanks contain dangerous strains of bacteria that are challenging to eradicate.

The entire cleaning process is time-consuming and necessitates the use of specialised cleaning equipment capable of eliminating excessive sludge. When selecting the best water tanks, always opt for storage tanks that blend exceptional engineering with quality. APL Apollo water tanks are one of the best water tanks on the market. They come in sizes such as 500 LTR, 700 LTR, 1000 LTR, 1500 LTR, 2000 LTR, 3000 LTR, and 5000 LTR, and in colours such as white, black, yellow, green, and blue. The water tanks are perfect for industrial and household purposes.


These water tanks are sturdy and available in 3, 4, and 5-layered versions, suitable for specific purposes. APL Apollo manufacturers build durable tanks that are affordable for storing and consuming pure water. Here are the top ways to clean water storage tanks.


The First Step in Cleaning Water Tanks

The first step in cleaning out the water tank is to open the tap or the outlet valve. Let the water out before starting the cleaning process. Connect a hose to direct the water to an outside location to keep flooding at bay. Use a washout valve found in most permanent water tanks to drain the water. Scoop the rest of the water from the bottom of the tank with a wet and dry vacuum.


Cleaning the Inside of the Water Tank with a Cleaning Mixture

Use a cleaning mixture to remove extra sediment and residue from your tank with a potent solution of liquid or laundry detergent powder. Use abrasive scrapes and sponges to scrub the inside of the tank until it is clean of slime and sludge. Avoid steel bristles and sponges while cleaning out plastic tanks.


Use a Power Washer to Clean the Inside of the Tank

A power washer is an important tool in the tank cleaning arsenal to scrub the inside of the tank. Power washers are available in various sizes, catering to the size of the tanks. Hold the pressure washer so that the inside of the tank is effectively cleaned at a 45-degree angle. Continue to clean with the power washer until the inside of the water tank is completely clean. Spend a little extra time cleaning the corners and joints.



Give it a Final Rinse

Once the inside of the water tank is thoroughly cleaned, rinse it thoroughly and use a hose to spray the inside of the tank. Fill a pressure washer with clean water to conduct the final rinse. Hot water is also a viable alternative to clean the water tanks and get rid of the residue, detergent, and sediment. Use a vacuum with a hose attachment to drain the water from the corners and crevices of the tank.


Disinfect the Water Tank

Once the water tank is thoroughly cleaned, disinfect it so that it is ready for use again. Fill the water tank with three-quarters of water. Then add chlorine bleach to the water in the ratio of 50 ppm (parts per million) to the water amount. Use 5% bleach, catering to the size of the water tank. For example, use ½ gallon of bleach for 500 gallons of water and 1 gallon of bleach for 1000 gallons of water. After adding the bleach, fill the tank with clean water and let it sit out. After it sits for 24 hours, drain out the solution and ensure no living being comes into contact with the tank while the tank is full of the disinfectant solution.



APL Apollo provides manufacturers' best-quality water tanks that require very little maintenance and can be cleaned effectively. For more guidance on how to clean the water tanks most effectively, contact the experts at APL Apollo today!


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