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What Is a Companionway Ladder?

What Is a Companionway Ladder?

In cases where a ladder is used extensively at a workspace, the best ladder to choose is the companionway ladder. It is a stable access solution that is part-stair and part-ladder. A companionway or ship ladder is usually angled between 60 to 75 degrees and installed in confined spaces where there is not enough space for stairs. These ladders make it easy to access raised floors, roof areas and other areas that are tough to access. It can be used along with a roof hatch.


When compared to a vertical ladder, a companionway ladder is safer and easier to use as it incorporates treads rather than rungs. Another reason why they are a better option than the traditional vertical ladders is that they have a slight slope, making it easy to ascent. This makes it suitable for most of the site locations and conditions.


What are Fixed Safety Ladders?


A fixed safety ladder is a non-self-supporting ladder that is permanently attached to a structure at a non-adjustable length and at a pitch that ranges from 60 degrees to 90 degrees from the horizontal. A fixed ladder is a safety access solution to reach different levels of a building. To protect the user against falls, these ladders come with either hoops or a cage.


What Is the Importance of a Fixed Safety Ladder?


We are aware that ladder falls can be unfortunate and fatal. It can pause your projects, reducing the productivity of the workforce. Prevent such unfortunate accidents by installing ladder safety hoops or cages and proprietary vertical safety systems with a cable or a rail.


What Safety Features Can Improve Ladder Safety?


Before you install a fixed safety ladder, ensure that the ladder meets all the aspects of end-user safety. The following are the safety features that are incorporated into a ladder design that can enhance end-user safety.

·        By fixing half hoops at the base of a ladder, user safety can be improved as it can protect the user from potential fall hazards.

·        A self-closing gate can also be fixed at the head of a safety ladder to create a physical barrier that can reduce potential fall risk from the head of a ladder.

·        Another additional safety feature that can be added to the head of the ladder is a ladder up post to create a safe passage both up to and down a higher roof level.

·        The Anti-climb ladder guard and bottom hoop cover are other ladder safety features that are installed to restrict any unnecessary access to the ladder.

·        It is a bonus if the ladder is supplied with either a bracketry fixing kit to ensure a strongly fixed ladder despite the background or adjustable freestanding feet, which may require floor/roof mounting.


Before you invest in a ladder manufacturing company that offers Companionway / Ships Ladders and Vertical ladders, ensure you cross-check that the above-mentioned safety features are found in the ladders. Ensure that the company offers a range of ladder options that can be easily installed and used.


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