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Best Solar Panel company in Australia

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Best Solar Panel company in Australia

Solar panels and storage batteries are becoming a trend in home power sources! Thorough explanation of the reason! Solar power generation has become widespread in Solar energy in Australia, and it is now one of the facilities that should be considered, especially when building a new home. Home storage batteries are also attracting attention as a device that aims to reduce utility costs to zero. Many people have heard that ``combining solar panels and storage batteries can help make ends meet,'' but many people don't know what to consider. Knowing the benefits and latest information about home storage batteries will be helpful when considering their introduction. In this article, we will explain the reasons and trends for recommending storage batteries as a home power source. We will also introduce storage batteries that are easy to install as a set with solar power generation, so please refer to them.

The combination of solar panels and storage batteries will become a Reiwa trend!

By installing a storage battery in conjunction with a solar power generation system such as a Top Ten Solar Companies in Australia, you can store electricity produced at home. Its appeal is that it can be used as an emergency power source for the home even when power supply from the power company becomes difficult, such as during a power outage or disaster. Let's take a look at the current situation where Solar Panel Sydney and storage batteries are attracting more and more attention due to the support of the times.

The market for household storage batteries will continue to grow

Recently, more and more households are installing and storage batteries as a set. In fact, it is predicted that the market size of household storage batteries will be approximately 1.5 times larger. There are also notable cases where Solar companies in Australia are being added to households that already have Solar Panel Sydney installed.

The Great East Earthquake was a major factor in attracting attention to the introduction of storage batteries into homes. After households across experienced power outages and realized firsthand the need for storage batteries as an emergency power source, the government began implementing measures to address the power supply and demand. Furthermore, due to the government's subsidy system, the number of devices installed in households is increasing significantly.

After the abolition of the system, there was a period of sluggish growth, but in anticipation of the gradual expiration of the FIT system (feed-in tariff system), the growth trend resumed from fiscal 2017. Subsidy systems still exist at the local government level to support the spread of storage batteries.

From the era of purchasing electricity to the era of power generation and storage

In the wake of the Great East Solar companies in Australia Earthquake and the implementation of the feed-in tariff system (FIT system) for electricity, solar power generation and household storage batteries have become popular, but behind their further spread is the promotion of disaster-resistant distributed energy resources. There are power supply and demand measures for each country.

Furthermore, the liberalization of electricity retail sales and the emergence of new electric power companies in the region can be said to have had a major impact. This can be said to have created an environment for buying and selling electricity in a decentralized manner. Also, from 2019, the number of cases of graduates entering FIT has increased. As large incomes from selling electricity are no longer expected, there seems to be an increasing number of households installing storage batteries and promoting self-consumption.

Home storage batteries have evolved so much!

The development and evolution of technology is having a major impact on home storage batteries. Some manufacturers seem to be equipped with AI functions in their latest models. From here, we will take a look at the appeal of the latest household batteries.

The mainstream of batteries is lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, which are used in smartphones and computers, are also widely used as household storage batteries.

The price of lithium ion, which is the raw material for lithium-ion home storage batteries that have become popular since around 2011, has been on a downward trend for a while. However, due to the spread of electric vehicles and growing global demand, raw materials are becoming scarce. In addition, the price of storage batteries is currently flat or on a gradual upward trend as products with enhanced functionality are appearing one after another.

Equipped with AI function! Storage batteries have evolved so far!

Storage batteries equipped with AI functions make it possible to use electricity in a way that matches each household's needs. By accumulating usage data, it optimizes the power consumption system.

For example, it is possible to analyze household trends such as using a lot of electricity during the day or at night and automatically control charging and discharging. Therefore, there is no need to manually change settings, everything is left to AI.

It is also possible to predict the required amount of power generation by analyzing daily power usage and weather conditions. For those who want to use electricity without wasting it, AI-equipped storage batteries are perfect.

Benefits of combining solar panels and storage batteries

In order to efficiently consume the electricity generated at home and reduce the amount of electricity purchased, we recommend installing a Solar energy in Australia and storage battery as a set. It also provides peace of mind by being able to respond to various situations such as changes in electricity selling prices, power outages, and disasters. From here, let's check the points you can get by installing them as a set.

edward kin
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